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Our mission at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON is to spread Japanese pop culture to the world - that includes fashion, music, anime, food and a whole lot more. We want to reach out to present and future J-fans in the hopes that you will make the trip over to Japan.

With a welcome increase in the number of visitors coming to Japan in recent years, we at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON have been working with local businesses to offer products and services that are unique to Japan and also assist these companies with their localisation strategies. By employing a mix of marketing strategies, we aim to boost the local economy from inside and out.

In order to realise our hopes, we have created the 4 elements of MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON. They are 1. Our events that take place all over the world (FES), 2. Our MOSHI MOSHI BOX Harajuku Information Center (BOX), 3. Our website (WEB) and our original TV show on NHK World (TV.)

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Gundam Apparel Shop “STRICT-G” in Tokyo Odaiba to Reopen in THE GUNDAM BASE TOYKO

“STRICT-G” is an apparel chain in Japan that is entirely based on the world of the hugely popular anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam.” The “STRICT-G” store in Odaiba, a man-made island in Tokyo Bay, is undergoing a revamp and will relocate and join with “THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO,” a Bandai-official Gunpla store located on the 7th floor of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, on August 19th.


Below is a list of reopening merchandise the shop will be selling to celebrate its return.


LL_img_131403_1 copy



img_131403_3 copy


“Tokyo Odaiba Limited Edition T-Shirts”

¥4,104 each (tax incl.)

To support the store’s reopening, Tokyo Odaiba limited edition t-shirts based on the popular Mobile Suit Gundam series will be available for purchase on August 19th. The t-shirts feature the titular “Unicorn Gundam” and come in two different designs – red and green.


img_131403_4 copy


Special “Hand Towel”

People who spend over ¥3,000 (tax excl.) will receive a “STRICT-G” collaborative hand towel made by the tenugui hand towel specialist shop “Kamawanu” completely free.


img_131403_5 copy“THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO” Grand Opening Stickers

To celebrate the grand opening of “THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO,” if you purchase a gunplay from the store and show your receipt at the STRICT-G register you will receive some stickers. You can also get them if you buy more than one item at STRICT-G. This is available for a limited time only.


img_131403_6 copy






STRICT-G Tokyo Odaiba

Reopening: Saturday August 19, 2017

Address: “THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO” on DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 7F, 1-1-10 Aomo, Kōtō, Tokyo

Open: 10:00-21:00


“STRICT-G” Official Homepage:

Bandai Homepage:


・Special “Hand Towel”

Available: Saturday August 19th onwards

*Not sold separately. Limited Stock.


・“THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO” Grand Opening Stickers

Available: August 17th to August 31st

*Not sold separately. Limited Stock.


・Limited Edition Pins Campaign

Campaign card available at STRICT-G in Odaiba from Saturday August 19th

Collection Points:

Tokyo Solamachi STRICT-G (RX-78-2 design pins)

NEOPASA Shizuoka STRICT-G (MS-06-S design pins)

Collection Date: September 1st onwards

※The pins are not available at the Tokyo Odaiba branch.

*Not sold separately. Limited Stock.


©Sunrise Inc.


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