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Our mission at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON is to spread Japanese pop culture to the world - that includes fashion, music, anime, food and a whole lot more. We want to reach out to present and future J-fans in the hopes that you will make the trip over to Japan.

With a welcome increase in the number of visitors coming to Japan in recent years, we at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON have been working with local businesses to offer products and services that are unique to Japan and also assist these companies with their localisation strategies. By employing a mix of marketing strategies, we aim to boost the local economy from inside and out.

In order to realise our hopes, we have created the 4 elements of MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON. They are 1. Our events that take place all over the world (FES), 2. Our MOSHI MOSHI BOX Harajuku Information Center (BOX), 3. Our website (WEB) and our original TV show on NHK World (TV.)

Say Hello to The Latest Japanese Culture.

The 4 Elements of MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON.




HOSHINOYA Kyoto will offer a tour called “Koyo (autumn colors) Heli Cruise”

“HOSHINOYA Kyoto” will offer a tour called “Koyo Heli Cruise” where one can ride a helicopter and view Kyoto and its world heritages from the sky. One group per day can participate in this tour and it will be held from the 20th of November until the 5th of December, 2017.


From a height of 500m one can enjoy the view of Kyoto’s world heritages.


Every year, 56 million people visit Kyoto home to many shrines, temples and sightseeing spots. Approximately 12 million people visit Kyoto during the  autumn and therefore, transit and sightseeing spots are packed with tourists at this time of the year. To solve this problem, HOSHINOYA Kyoto is planning this tour so that tourists can enjoy the view of historical sites and beautiful views of Kyoto in autumn without having to worry about the crowds.


The tour will be offered only to customers who stay at one of HOSHINOYA Kyoto’s facilities. The tourists who participate this tour can enjoy the view of the trees colored red and orange and the world heritage sites while riding a helicopter. After the helicopter elevates up to 1500 feet (about 500m), one can enjoy the historical buildings of Kyoto such as Kiyomizudera, Kinkakuji and Nijojo and the fall colors of Arashiyama.

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The 4Elements ofもしもしにっぽん