Morning art yoga to start at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

02.September.2018 | SPOT

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo is a Japanese-style museum-hotel which marked its 90th anniversary this year after renewing its in April of 2017. They have announced that they are going to start a yoga session called “Morning Art Yoga” where the lodgers and the visitors of the hotel can participate.

“Morning Art Yoga” (a one hour session) will be held every Wednesday and Saturday from the 1stof September. It will be a session which includes a yoga experience held in a Japanese-style tatami room (4F) surrounded by gorgeous art works and breakfast served in “Ouka” located on the top floor of the hotel (8F).

The breakfast offers special ingredients such as colorful vegetables and “Jujakuran” (special eggs) produced in Isehara, Kanagawa Prefecture. This will surely refresh your body and mind!
The lodgers of the hotel do not have to pay for the plan and visitors can participate in the plan by paying 3,800 yen. You can participate empty-handed since all the necessary things like yoga mat and water are prepared by the hotel!
Gajoen also offers other types of experience-based activities too.

“Matcha Otemae Experience” (a tea-making experience) will be held in the executive lounge“Ouka.” The tea will be offered by a professional tea maker.

“Gajoen Art Tour” is a one and a half hour long tour where the guide will show you the hotel’s special room, Japanese-style party room, “Shunyuki’s” special room and the 100 step staircase which are all designated as important cultural heritages of Tokyo.

 “Meguro Bukkaku Walking Tour” is a tour where a staff-person will lead the tour. You can observe the historical temple in Meguro which is known as one of the temples that enshrines the god of Yamate Shichifukujin since the Edo Period. You can also visit Syurinzan, Daien Temple, Tenonzan Gohyaku Rakan Temple, Taieisan Gokokuin and Ryusen Temple (Meguro Fudoson) that are located near the hotel.
Why not refresh your body and mind by participating in this artistic yoga session?



“Morning Art Yoga” start date: 2018, September 1st, Saturday

Schedule: Every Wednesday, Saturday 7:30〜8:30
15 participants (per session)
※Reservations must be made before 17:00. Reservations on a first-come-first-served basis
Lodgers must make reservations at the front desk – free
Visitors: 3,800 yen (tax and service fee are included)
Yoga experience and breakfast at executive lounge are included.
TEL:050-3188-7570 (reservation)
 “Matcha Otemae Experience” (lodgers only)
Venue: executive lounge “Ouka”
Schedule: Every Wednesday 〜Sunday 15:00 〜 17:00
※Reservation is not required, free
 “Gajoen Art Tour” (lodgers only)
Schedule: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 9:00〜10:30
※Reservations must be made before 17:00. Reservations on a first-come-first-served basis
 “Meguro Bukkaku Walking Tour”
Schedule: Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 9:00 ~ 10:30
※Reservations must be made before 17:00. Reservations on a first-come-first-served basis
Hotel Gajoen Tokyo
Address: 1-8-1, Shimomeguro, Meguroku, Tokyo