Cat Themed Korilakkuma Café to Open in Koshigaya Lake Town!

10.January.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

Korilakkuma Cafe will open in Koshigaya Lake Town‘s BOX CAFÉ & SPACE in Saitama for a limited time only!


Everybody’s favourite adorable white bear Korilakkuma will be joined by her cute kitty cat companion in the café. This new design series takes on the theme of the cat trend.


Lots of cat friends will make their way to the Korilakkuma café, including cats with long fluffy hair and a heart-shape on them, pink-furred cats, blue-eyed cats, small cats that look like Korilakkuma, and more!

The menu will be filled with plenty of striking food and the shop will have great photo spots, all perfect for your Instagram feed.

*No prior reservations necessary.


Korilakkuma no Nyan Nyan Gapao Plate – ¥1,590
Korilakkuma no Heart Full Waffle Parfait – ¥1,490
Korilakkuma no Nyan Nyan Open French Toast – ¥1,390

Drink order bonus: comes with still life photography sheets to take cute photos with! (1 selected randomly from 2 types)

Korilakkuma no Daisuki♡Strawbery Chocolate Drink w/ Colourful Tapioca – ¥890
Korilakkuma Cat no  Hot Latte w/ Strawberries – ¥790
Korilakkuma Man w/ Anko – ¥390
Iced Lemon Tea in Korilakkuma Water Bottle – ¥1,500

*all prices are tax excluded

Limited Edition Merchandise:
Clear Coaster (3 types) – ¥750
Clear File (2 Types) – ¥350
Die Cut Stickers (5 types) – ¥330
Postcards (Set of 4) – ¥450
Heart-Shape Mirror Charm – ¥1,000
Die Cut PVC Pass Case – ¥790
Acrylic Keychain (3 types) – ¥550
Mug – ¥1,500
Pin Badge (6 types) – ¥310
Masking Type (2 types) – ¥450
Black Tea Tin (2 types) – ¥1,000
*all prices are tax excluded

Heal your mind and soul at the kawaii Korilakkuma café♡


Address: AEON Lake Town kaze BOX CAFÉ & SPACE, 4-2-2 Koshigaya Lake Town, Saitama Prefecture
Running: January 18, 2018 – February 25, 2018
Opening Hours: 11:00-20:00 (last orders 19:30)
Access: 1-minutes by foot from Koshigaya Lake Town Station
*No prior reservations necessary.