Take a Photo with a Giant Buddha at Jokoenmanji in Osaka!

08.April.2018 | SPOT

Jokoenmanji is a religious organization with a 1280-year history. In May 2017, a Nirvana shrine was built at the site. In the run up to Buddha’s Birthday on April 8th, a plan has been established for people to receive happiness from the big and beautiful ‘Buddha of Happiness’ situated inside the shrine, which is an object of worship.



The project enables people to have a fun worship at the site where you can take photos with Buddha, write your wishes on origami paper cranes and present them as an offering, and come in contact with Buddha’s enlightened feet.



Take a Photo with Buddha
It has been 45 years since this Buddha attained enlightenment, where has devoted his time to happiness in the surrounding area. You can now take a photo with the Buddha form a connection with him and receive happiness.


大阪・常光円満寺 巨大お釈迦様

Make a World of Cranes
The Reclining Buddha is the final image of Buddha denoting entry into Nirvana. It conveys sadness of not only Buddha’s disciples, but the animals, insects and nature too. The image of nature’s sorrow is called kakurin and was a fantastic display of cranes surrounding Buddha. You’ll be able to recreate that world by making cranes to fill the room to the bring.


大阪・常光円満寺 巨大お釈迦様

Buddha’s Feet
The symbols on Buddha’s feet each have their own significant meaning. Come into contact with Buddha’s feet for blessings surrounding family happiness, longevity and health.


大阪・常光円満寺 巨大お釈迦様

Experience an exciting and unprecedented worship at Jokoenmanji.




Address: 28-13 Motomachi, Suita, Osaka Prefecture