Café-limited menus & goods will be sold! “Rilakkuma Town Café” to open in Ikebukuro

10.April.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

In accordance of the 15th anniversary exhibition, “Rilakkuma Town e Yokoso,” “Rilakkuma Town Café” will be opened for a limited time offer. Many kinds of photogenic collaborative menus items and café-limited original goods will be sold. The interior of the shop and the limited goods using original illustrations of cute bears are a “must see.”



You must make a reservation before visiting “Rilakkuma Town Café” but you can make a reservation on the same day if the café is not too crowded. “Original Big Can Badge (1 variety will be offered randomly out of 3 varieties) will be offered to those of who make a reservation before visiting the café, “Original Luncheon Mat (1 variety will be offered randomly out of 4 varieties) will be offered to visitors of the café and an “Original Post Card (1 variety will be offered out of 3 varieties) will be offered to those who order a menu item (one card per order).

Below are the menu items and goods they will sell! ※All prices noted below do not include tax



Rilakkuma no Attaka 3 Shoku Stew – 1,490 yen

A pastel-colored (3 colored) stew using the motif of Rilakkuma Town. It is a delicious white stew that contains chicken.



Korilakkuma no Fuwa Fuwa Curry Udon – 1,190 yen

A slightly pink-colored white curry udon noodle dish! The hot spring egg shaped like Korilakkuma is floated on the pink-colored cream.



Kiiroi Tori no Fuwatoro Omelet rice – 1,390 yen

Omelet rice is known as a standard menu item of the café! Kiiroi Tori is holding a broom and his pocket money (10 yen). The tomato sauce and the flavor of the eggs matches very well!



Yume no rainbow Tower Pancake – 1,490 yen

Did you know that pancakes are Rilakkuma’s favorite food? This three-colored tower pancake has the flavors of strawberry, mango and mint.



Rilakkuma Town no Sweets Burger -1,290 yen

This is a very sweet hamburger developed based on the motif of the hamburger shop in Rilakkuma Town. The menu item includes chocolate ice cream and custard cream.



Rilakkuma no Happy Pastel Drink – 990 yen

A very cute and photogenic smoothie drink using yogurt and milk. Three flavors (kiwi, mango and strawberry) are available.



Café-limited item – clear file – 350 yen


Café-limited item – acryl key holder (two kinds) – 600 yen each


Café-limited – tote bag – 1,000 yen

Let’s visit this café since they will sell many kinds of menu items and goods related to Rilakkuma!



Rilakkuma Town Café
Date: 2018/04/25 (Wed.) to 06/19 (Tue.)
Address: 1-28-1, Minami Ikebukuro, Toshimaku, Tokyo
Gourmet Stadium Ⅱ, Dining Park Ikebukuro, 8F, Seibu Ikebukuro Honten
Business hours (time charge – 80 minutes): weekdays: 11:30 to 21:50, holidays 11:00 to 21:20
Entrance fee: 500 yen (tax not included) – reservation must be made
※You can enter the café if there are unoccupied seats.