Totoro & Studio Ghibli Folding Fans to be Released at Donguri Kyowakoku!

14.April.2018 | FASHION / SPOT

At the end of April, Donguri Kyowakoku will sell three different folding fan designs at stores across Japan and on their online shop Sora no Ue. The designs include My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Spirited Away.



‘My Neighbour Totoro’ Folding Fan – ¥2,980 (pre-tax)
This folding fan has a refreshing design inspired by kiriko glass, a traditional type of craftwork from Kyoto. The calm, beautiful indigo blue colour is perfect for guys too.



Folding Fan Bag – ¥900 (pre-tax)
The new folding fan bag can be used as a set with your folding fan. By sliding this into your bag, you’ll be able to keep cool every day.



Cat Bus Wind Chime – ¥3,800 (pre-tax)
Hear the cool weather with the Cat Bus wind chime too. This together with the folding fan make for perfect seasonal gifts.



Cool yourself down in the Japanese summer with the original folding fan and wind chime from Donguri Kyowakoku.



Donguri Kyowakoku Store List:


‘Sora no Ue’ – Donguri Kyowakoku Online Shop: