Luggage Storage Service Opens at Karaoke Pasela Resorts Ueno Park

16.April.2018 | SPOT

At the Ueno Park branch of Pasela Resorts, they are now offering services to look after one item of luggage for ¥1,000 during opening hours.


Pasela Resorts Ueno Park is a 3-minute walk from the central ticket gates on the JR Line side of Ueno Station, and less than a minutes’ walk from the Ikenohata Exit at Ueno Station via the Keisei Line, making it an easily accessible location.



Do you have luggage that just won’t fit in a coin locker? Luckily, their luggage storage accounts for larger sized suitcases, musical instruments, golf bags, ski gear, prams and more. Now you don’t have to worry about trying to shove your bags into a small locker.



You can also enjoy a meal or karaoke there too once your baggage has been taken in. It might be a nice place to stop by if you’re tired from walking around Ueno Zoo.


Throw down your heavy bags and enjoy your Ueno sightseeing experience to the fullest!




Pasela Resorts Ueno Park

Address: Pasela Resorts Ueno Kouenmae, 2-14-30 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo


3-minutes on foot (approx. 200m) from Central Gates at Ueno Station via JR Line

0-minutes on foot (approx. 50m) from Ikenohata Exit at Ueno Station via Keisei Line

TEL: 0120-410-759 (Booking Number)



1 Day Luggage Storage Service

Service Time: 10:00-18:00 (Luggage taken in on the day only)

Price: ¥1,000 per item (tax included)

*Item height, length and width up to 2m. 30kg max.

*Items that do not align with the specifications will be refused