“ABENO Dessert Festival and Shaved Ice Collection” will be held at ABENO HARUKAS!

23.April.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

ABENO HARUKAS Kintestu Honten will hold the dessert event, “ABENO Dessert Festival.” The event has previously gathered about 580 thousand visitors. They are also going to hold “Kakigori (shave ice) Collection” where famous shops throughout Japan (15 products) will be gathered. Originally created limited products will also be sold!


Moreover, “Shinka Parfait” will be sold again which is a product developed by the group “Shinkakai” consisting of 6 established Japanese dessert makers “Akafuku, Kobe Fugetsudo, Tawaraya Yoshitomi, Tsuchiya, Hanazono Manju, Roguchiya Korekiyo). The menu will be sold inthe Kaisai Area for the first time.


In addition, the “bistopping-style soft served ice cream store” named“Pecca+Pu” from Korea will sell their products at this event. The branch shop of the brand was opened in the Nishinari Area last year andit has been gaining popularity among young women. Their recommended product is Amazake Soft Served Ice Cream using amazake (sweet fermented rice drink) (Kintetsu Honten limited product). The product was co-developed with the sake maker from Kyoto, Sasaki Shuzo.


The “finger dessert specialized shop” that sells small desserts named “Kagunomido” which was opened last year will participate in this year’s event too. Their products are very delicious and are suitable to be enjoyed with sakes.





“Kakigori Collection” is an event where you can enjoy cold shaved ice. Famous shops throughout Japan (5 shops – 15 products) will gather at the event and sell limited products.

Don’t miss this special event where you can enjoy desserts and shaved ice at the same time!



ABENO Kashihaku & Kakigori Collection
Address: Wing Building 9F, Event Space, ABENO HARUKAS Kintetsu Honten, 1-1-43, Abenosuji, Abenoku, Osakashi
Date: 05/09 (Wed.) to 05/15 (Tue.) ※the venue will be closed at 17:00 on the last day
ABENO HARUKAS Kintetsu Honten official HP: