Ink Wash Mobile Suit Gundam Paintings Now Available from Bandai

27.April.2018 | FASHION

Over on Asobi Store, an eCommerce site, they are releasing the first in a series of traditional art merchandise on April 23.



Masayuki Kojo is an ink wash painter who specialises in drawing bujinga, which is a style of portrait that depicts warriors. Five hand painted bujinga pictures of Gundam are going on sale which are available to purchase through a lottery draw.

The traditional art series combines Japan’s traditional crafts with elements of Japanese pop culture popular across the world like anime and games. These powerful hand painted Mobile Suit Gundam portraits are the first to arrive in the series.


Gundam lovers will absolutely be taken by these skilfully drawn and detailed paintings, as will those with an interest in pictures drawn by hand! Access the website and enter the draw to get your hands on one of the five pieces.



Bujinga × Mobile Suit Gundam – 5 Paintings (Lottery draw for each piece)
Deliveries: End of June (subject to change)

Price: ¥200,000 (+tax) each


Lottery Draw
Application Window: April 23, 2018 at 5pm―April 30, 2018 at 11pm
Winner Announcements: Mid-May
*Member registration required to apply.
*Please apply from the product page during the application window for the lottery draw you wish to enter.
*Applications can only be made once per person for one painting only.
*Multiple applications cannot be made for the same painting.
*Applications as well as enquiries via telephone, FAX, letter or e-mail cannot be made after the application window closes.


Applications are made via Bandai Namco Entertainment’s official eCommerce website Asobi Store.


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