Canadian Ramen Bar KINTON RAMEN Opens Branch in Sangenjaya

17.May.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

Ramen is a popular food across the globe with plenty of recognition as part of Japanese cuisine.


KINTON RAMEN is a ramen bar that first opened in Toronto, one of Canada’s biggest cities. They have announced a new branch to open in Sangenjaya, a neighbourhood in Setagaya, Tokyo. The restaurant will hold its grand opening on May 18, 2018.

カナダ発 ラーメンBar「KINTON RAMEN」三軒茶屋カナダ発 ラーメンBar「KINTON RAMEN」三軒茶屋

KINTON RAMEN established itself in 2012 as a pioneer orthodox ramen restaurant. They have ten branches across Toronto and Montreal, one in Seoul, and now their first in Japan.

カナダ発 ラーメンBar「KINTON RAMEN」三軒茶屋カナダ発 ラーメンBar「KINTON RAMEN」三軒茶屋

The new restaurant is just a 3 minute walk from Sangenjaya Station. You’ll find it down the alley next to the Docomo shop along Setagaya-dori. They serve up the same menu as in Canada: tonkotsu ramen, toripaitan ramen, cocktails, shochu, and sake.

カナダ発 ラーメンBar「KINTON RAMEN」三軒茶屋

For a limited time only, from May 18th to 31st, customers can get one free drink of either beer, cocktails, or soft drinks. This service is available for the month that they opened only.

*Select drinks not included in the offer. For those drinks served in glasses only.

カナダ発 ラーメンBar「KINTON RAMEN」三軒茶屋

Let’s have the real ramen from Canada!




Address: 2-15-6 Sangenjaya, Setagaya, Tokyo

Grand Opening: May 18, 2018

Opening Hours: [Monday-Thursday] 11:30-23:00 / [Friday-Saturday] 11:30-02:00 / [Sunday & Holidays] 11:30-23:00

Closed: Obon / New Year’s Day

TEL:  03-6450-9707



Future Branch Store Openings:

Canada: 5 ramen restaurants to open between September―December in 2018

South Korea: 3 ramen restaurants to open between June―December in 2018

Japan: 1 KINKA Sushi Bar Izakaya to open in 2018


Tonkotsu Ramen

Price: Soy Sauce ¥850 / Miso ¥850 / Salt ¥850 / Spicy Garlic ¥950


Toripaitan Ramen

Price: Soy Sauce ¥850 / Miso ¥850 / Salt ¥850 / Spicy Chili Pepper ¥950


Cheese Toripaitan Miso Ramen

Price: ¥1,100


Vegetable Tonkotsu Miso Ramen

Price: ¥1,100


*All prices are tax-inclusive.