Sailor Moon Exhibition Advance Ticket Limited Edition Merchandise, including Chibiusa Space-Time Key Pendant!

24.February.2016 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

Limited edition advance tickets for the Sailor Moon Exhibition, which is to be held at Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View Sky Deck from Saturday 16th April~Sunday June 19th, are on sale starting today on Wednesday February 24th.


This exhibition will be the first of its kind to pay homage to the phenomenon that dominated a generation during the 90s – Sailor Moon. The exhibition will see a plethora of original illustrations from the series drawn by Sailor Moon author herself Naoko Takeuchi. Not only that, the exhibition will also feature the original anime’s scripts as well as a collection of goods and items from the series that were popular during the 90s. This will no doubt be an anticipated first of a kind exhibition for fans of the legendary series.

Furthermore, there will be a special Sailor Moon themed café on the same floor, and the event will also be offering limited quantity Sailor Moon designed special edition yearly passports.


The full colour illustrations decorating the exhibition will be replaced twice during the event, so fans can enjoy their time no matter how many times they visit.




Information Advance Ticket w/“Small Ladies Set”
If you purchase this ticket you will receive a reprint of the extremely popular “Small Ladies Set” that fans had to sign up to receive in the 1993 November/December editions of the shoujo manga magazine “Nakayoshi”. During this time, over 700,000 fans signed up to receive this unbelievably popular set.


The gorgeous 3-piece set will come with a pendant of Chibiusa’s Space-Time Key, a heart-shaped mirror and a cute pouch with the event’s logo inscribed.
※Please be aware that the “Small Ladies Set” is limited in stock, so will not be available for purchase once all have sold.


 Special Advance Ticket
This ticket can only be purchased through Lawson. You will be able to choose your favourite design from volumes 1-5 of the 2003 re-release editions of the Sailor Moon manga and buy it at the event.
※You can choose from Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus.


<Sailor Moon Exhibition Official Website>


  • Sailor Moon Commemorates 30th Anniversary with Museum, Details Revealed

    06.May.2022 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    The Sailor Moon franchise’s 30th-anniversary museum will run from July 1 to December 30 in Tokyo’s Roppongi Museum. The series became a global phenomenon in the 1990s and remains popular to this day.


    The exhibition will feature the largest-ever exhibition of original illustrations by Sailor Moon’s creator Naoko Takeuchi, at over 600 pieces. Rare original color drawings and some never-before-scene creations will be on display, and fans won’t want to miss this incredible chance. The museum will have three phases: volume 1 (July 1 – September 4), volume 2 (September 10 – November 6), and volume 3 (November 12 – December 30). 


    The event will also include an ‘immersive experience theater,’ which will display colored images on a massive 4.5 x 8-meter screen with special effects. Fans can also enjoy a ‘hologram manuscript exhibit,’ which will display the Sailor Scouts’ famous dialogue. Anime materials and a selection of classic merchandise from the 90s to the modern-day will be available to peruse, as well as outfits from the musicals.


    More information regarding original merchandise and the on-site cafe menu will be announced soon, so stay tuned!


    © Naoko Takeuchi

  • Sailor Moon Eternal Film Inspires Bridal Jewelry Collection

    19.April.2022 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    The U-Treasure brand is known for releasing incredible jewelry for adults based on popular brands and characters. This time, the company has released a number of bridal pieces inspired by Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie, including an engagement ring, wedding rings, and more.


    Crisis Moon Compact Ring

    Moonlight Ring Eternal ver.

    Moon Kaleidoscope Half Eternity Ring

    Moon Kaleidoscope Ring

    Crystal Carillon & Pegasus Dream Necklace


    The Crisis Moon Compact Ring engagement ring is made in a solitaire style and embellished with the Crisis Moon Compact on the stone seat supporting the diamond. The simple wedding bands feature a moon design in the center, perfect for fans of the series who don’t want to be too flashy.


    The Moon Kaleidoscope Half Eternity Ring contains 15 diamonds and can be worn as an engagement ring or a wedding band. The Moon Kaleidoscope Ring is a wedding band with the moon kaleidoscope motif inspired by Super Sailor Moon.


    The Crystal Carillon & Pegasus Dream Necklace features a cute design with a Pegasus plate set in a resin that resembles a crystal bell.


    Which of these designs would you prefer to wear to show off your love story? 

  • Universal Studios has revealed new menu and merchandise details for its Cool Japan 2022 event to be held from March 4 to August 28, 2022. Five globally-beloved anime and game series will be featured at the park this year including Sailor Moon and Attack on Titan.


    Attack on Titan


    Levi Popcorn Bucket

    Syringe Pen




    At the Studio Stars Restaurant, guests can find menu items inspired by the characters Eren and Levi, a dessert with a gentle sweetness inspired by Mikasa’s red scarf, and much more. The park’s famous popcorn bucket will feature Levi for a limited time, with the treat inside flavored by the character’s favorite tea. The new lineup of merchandise includes a ballpoint pen resembling a syringe, an extremely important item in the series. A stuffed animal showing Levi taking down a titan is also a must-buy for fans.


    Detective Conan


    Ribbon Hair Clip / Miniature Car

    Printed Cookie Set



    Fans of the ace detective can enjoy a sandwich shaped like Conan’s bowtie, perfect for posting on social media. A number of new items will be for sale at Universal during the event, with the printed cookie tins serving as a perfect souvenir. 




    Mizumishiki Glass / Muffler Towel

    Headphone Pouch / Card Case

    Immerse yourself in all things Hunter x Hunter as you explore the Cool Japan 2022 event. A stylish headphone pouch and a hilarious towel are just a few items you’ll be able to buy exclusively at the park. 


    Sailor Moon


    Universal Heart Compact

    Ribbon Hair Clip


    The Sailor Moon area features menu items inspired by Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon, a cake in the shape of Sailor Chibi Moon’s heart compact, colorful desserts symbolizing the five inner Sailor Soldiers and drinks for one of each of the four outer Senshi. The full lineup of goods includes bag charms, face towels, and ribbon hair clips too cute for girls to resist!


    Monster Hunter


    Roasted Meat

    Poogie Churritos

    Recovery Potion Bottle



    Get ready to embark on your own adventure with a potion bottle and huge slab of meat, perfect for keeping your energy up! Fans of Monster Hunter will find plenty to love here, with a collaborative figure perfect for completing any fan’s shelf.


    Which area would you be most excited to visit?



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    ©Naoko Takeuchi
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  • ANNA SUI Releases New Collection to Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Sailor Moon

    01.March.2022 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    To celebrate 30 years of Sailor Moon, fashion brand ANNA SUI has announced a number of collab items available to preorder until March 6, 2022! 


    Moon Stick Necklace

    Space-Time Key Necklace

    Star Power Stick Earrings & Ear Cuff Set

    Cutie Moon Rod Earrings 

    Cosmic Heart Compact Choker

    10 Sailor Soldiers Glass Cord Chain Necklace



    Which Sailor Scout is your favorite? Can you believe it’s been three decades since the series debut?


  • First Collaboration Between Sailor Moon Eternal and Sanrio Characters Announced

    10.February.2022 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Sailor Moon, a special collaboration project with Sanrio has been announced! Characters from Sailor Moon Eternal are joining everyone’s favorite kawaii mascots in a collection not to be missed!


    This is the second collaboration between Sailor Moon and Sanrio, the first being the My Melody collab in 2017 and 2018 to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary. This year’s event is a collaboration with the theatrical version of Sailor Moon Eternal, which was released in two parts last year. The illustrations were drawn by Sanrio designers to bring hope and dreams to fans of both franchises. Check out the six collaboration designs below!


    Super Sailor Moon x Hello Kitty

    Super Sailor Moon, the soldier of love and justice, teams up with the bright and caring Hello Kitty to bring love to the masses. Check out the matching costumes!



    Super Sailor Chibi Moon x My Melody

    Super Sailor Chibi Moon is always dreaming of becoming an adult, and the kind-hearted My Melody is sticking by her side. 


    Super Sailor Mercury x Cinnamoroll

    Super Sailor Mercury, the warrior of knowledge, is friends with the sweet Cinnamoroll. Keep an eye out for those matching tails!


    Super Sailor Mars x Kuromi

    Super Sailor Mars and Kuromi are the perfect team. With their cool style, they work hard to achieve their dreams.


    Super Sailor Jupiter x Marron Cream

    Super Sailor Jupiter and Marron Cream love to cook and grow flowers. Their matching floral designs are perfect for their tastes.



    Super Sailor Venus x Pompompurin

    Warrior of love Sailor Venus is accompanied by the laid-back Pompompurin. Don’t they look cute with their matching berets?

  • Sailor Moon Store to Open at Paseo in Sapporo, Hokkaido for Limited Time Only

    11.December.2021 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Kiddy Land will be holding the “Sailor Moon store -petit-” at Paseo, a shopping center connected directly to Sapporo Station in Hokkaido, for a limited time only from December 17 to March 27, 2022.


    Sailor Moon store -petit- is a traveling branch of Sailor Moon Store, which gathers all the products of Sailor Moon series. During the period, there will be rewards for purchasing the products, so take this opportunity to visit the Sailor Moon Store.


    © Naoko Takeuchi
    © 武内直子・PNP/劇場版「美少女戦士セーラームーンEternal」製作委員会
    © 武内直子・PNP・東映アニメーション

  • Sailor Moon Eternal Inspired Face Mask Protects and Looks Kawaii

    23.June.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION / MOVIE

    Bandai Namco Group released a new Sailor Moon Eternal themed face mask as part of their ‘CHARA-MASK’ line for adults on Premium Bandai on June 14.

    CHARA-MASK Sailor Moon Eternal | ¥2,200 (Tax Included)

    The face mask, based on the Sailor Moon Eternal anime film, was designed in collaboration with Sailor Moon‘s author Naoko Takeuchi. It’s lined with sparkly rhinestones to give it a cute finish.


    Bandai’s CHARA-MASK series features reusable masks fitted with anti-odour and anti-bacterial filters which can be swapped out. They are also made from comfortable light mesh fabric, can be washed, and worn for long periods of time. They are sized at 100mm in width and 130mm in height.


    ©︎ 武内直子・PNP/劇場版「美少女戦士セーラームーンEternal」製作委員会

  • Sailor Moon Eternal Anime Film Promoted With Luna and Artemis Cheesecakes

    15.February.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Neko Neko Cheesecake, a bakery chain in Japan which cooks up cute desserts and pastries shaped like cats, is promoting the release of the two-part anime film Sailor Moon Eternal with two cheesecakes reminiscent of Luna and Artemis. The cakes will be sold from February 11 to March 25.

    Sailor Moon Nyan Cheesecake (Mango) | ¥1,380 (Before Tax)

    Sailor Moon Nyan Cheesecake (Strawberry) | ¥1,380 (Before Tax)

    The cakes arrive in fruity mango and strawberry flavours, available both in-store at Neko Neko Cheesecake branches and via the online store All Hearts Mall in Japan. Both are also safely wrapped up and packaged in a cute box featuring a sailor uniform before being placed in a bag that has Luna and Artemis huddled together and sat atop a crescent moon.

    The first film in the Sailor Moon Eternal series was released on January 8, 2021, and the second on February 11, 2021.



  • Sailor Moon Eternal’s Second Anime Film Promoted With Luna Shaped Bread

    14.February.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Japanese bakery Neko Neko Shokupan is promoting the release of the second in the two-part anime film series Sailor Moon Eternal by baking up a bread inspired by everyone’s favourite feline: Luna. The bread will be sold from February 11 to March 25.

    Neko Neko Shokupan Luna Bread w/ Chocolate Pen | ¥1,200 (Before Tax)

    The bread is made of pastry laced with black cocoa powder. Luna’s ears are strawberry flavoured and she  of course has her iconic crescent moon atop her forehead. She arrives safely packaged in a cube-shaped box decorated in night sky stars and the moon. This box is placed in an eye-catching bag with little Sailor Moon details that are sure to be familiar to any fan, including Luna herself as well as Artemis.


    The bread is available in-store at Neko Neko Shokupan branches and via the online store All Hearts Mall in Japan

    The first film in the Sailor Moon Eternal series was released on January 8, 2021, and the second on February 11, 2021.



  • Limited-Edition Emerald Blue Sailor Moon Eternal Wristwatch Released in Japan

    12.January.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Citizen Watch brand wicca released a new emerald green wristwatch to commemorate the release of the new anime film Sailor Moon Eternal. The item was released exclusively on PREMICO’s online shop in Japan on January 6, 2021, with a limited stock of just 3,000.

    Wicca x Sailor Moon Eternal Special Collab Watch | ¥29,800 (Before Tax)

    The watch features intricate nods to the film such as a crescent moon at the 12-o’-clock mark with a rhinestone, Pegasus and white wings on the bottom half, an emerald blue round face, the Crystal Carillon on the 6-o’-clock mark, and more.

    The mesh strap is pink and gold to complete the a beautiful and feminine appearance. And since only 3,000 have been made, each watch also has its own Edition Number engraved into it. The watches are packaged in special gold leaf box with a Swarovski® crystal on it.



    Swarovski® is a registered trademark of SwarovskiAG.

  • Summon Magical Girl Vibes to Your Daily Life With the Sailor Moon Eternal x 3COINS Merch Collab

    06.January.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Japan’s 300-yen store 3COINS collaborating with the upcoming anime film Sailor Moon Eternal, which will hit theatres in Japan on January 8, 2021, to release a collection of original merchandise which will drop at all 3COINS branches in Japan (including 3COINS+ plus, colle, 3COINS OOOPS!, 3COINS station, and ASOKO+3COINS) on January 16, 2021. The items will also be sold for a limited time at 3COINS sister brand store ASOKO Harajuku from January 16 to 29 as well as on the company’s official online shop PAL CLOSET on January 18.

    It’s a line-up of 3COINS exclusives including a warm blanket for the winter season, a makeup basket to add fun to your makeup routine, a mug and plate with the Sailors on it, and more. There are 35 pieces of merch in total, all of which can be incorporated into your daily routine.


  • Sailor Moon Eternal Lingerie Collection to Release in Collaboration With GiRLS by PEACH JOHN

    05.January.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    GiRLS by PEACH JOHN has revealed that it’s releasing a lingerie set in collaboration with the upcoming anime film Sailor Moon Eternal.

    Peasy001 Sailor Moon Eternal ver. | ¥2,280 (Before Tax)

    Sailor Moon Eternal Eternal Bra Set | ¥6,980 (Before Tax)

    Sailor Moon Eternal Non Wired Bra Set | ¥3,980 (Before Tax)

    A Sailor Moon Eternal limited-edition print of GiRLS by PEACH JOHN’s popular Peasy001.

    Sailor Moon Eternal Makeup Panties | ¥1,480 (Before Tax)

    Sailor Moon Eternal Set Up | ¥3,980 (Before Tax)

    Sailor Moon Eternal Lingerie Set | ¥3,980 (Before Tax)

    The collection will drop online at GiRLS by PEACH JOHN, as well as PEACH JOHN stores in Shibuya, Shinjuku Sanchome, and Osaka on January 27, 2021. The collection will also roll out at overseas PEACH JOHN stores.