Kawaii Retro Pancake Arriving to Eggs ‘n Things in Japan

31.May.2018 | FOOD

Eggs ‘n Things is a casual restaurant the first opened in Hawaii in 1974, and ever since has become widely popular not just with the locals, but travellers from around the world coming to the archipelago. Their concept rests on the ‘all day breakfast,’ which has them serving deliciously hearty morning food all day long, from sunrise to sunset.


Now introducing the new Pancake a la Mode, inspired by a purin a la mode, and topped with 8 kinds of fruits. This mouth-watering treat is available for a limited time only, from June 4 to July 1.

Eggs’n Things_パンケーキ
The colourful dish is served with 8 fruits and topped with a honey jelly. The decorative fruits plating the breakfast are as follows: Andes melon, strawberry, banana, cherry, blueberry, ruby grapefruit, orange, and kiwi.


It closely resembles the restaurant’s purin a la mode and has a retro feel to it.


Only Eggs ‘n Things Japan could come up with such a kawaii pancake dish. Itadakimasu!



Pancake a la Mode ~8 Fruit Pancake~
Available: Eggs ‘n Things restaurants around Japan

Serving: June 4, 2018―July 1, 2018

Price: ¥1,680 (pre-tax)

Eggs ‘n Things Japan Official Twitter: http://twitter.com/eggsn_harajuku