Create Your Own Flavours at McDonald’s with their ‘Secret Menu’

05.June.2018 | FOOD

Enjoy creating your very own burger with the ‘secret menu’ arriving to McDonald’s Japan once more. The campaign was very well received before and will return again from June 13, 2018 for a limited period of time. Take the restaurant’s classic burger and add toppings to create your own personalised flavour.

There are four toppings to choose from this year: White Cheddar CheeseGarlic Pepper SausageSweet Chili Sauce and Tomato.

マックの裏メニュー トッピング

They have also introduced the Yoru Mac, a burger patty that is twice the size of the normal patty.

マックの裏メニュー 裏コーク・フロート
For the first time in McDonald’s Japan history, the company are also introducing a secret menu for Coca Cola* too that includes Lemon Ginger flavoured Coca Cola and Coca Cola Float.

*Coke, Coca Cola, コーク and コカ・コーラ are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company.


Enjoy designing your own original meal the way you want it!



Mac no Ura Menu (‘Secret Menu’)

Running: June 13, 2018―Start of July 2018 (subject to change)

Available: McDonald’s branches across Japan (select branches not participating)


Ura Teriyaku Mac Burger

Price: ¥360 / ¥660 / Value Lunch ¥590


Ura Double Cheese Burger

Price: ¥360 / ¥660 / Value Lunch ¥590


Ura Ebi Filet

Price: ¥430 / ¥730

Serving: 10:30am-Closing (until 4:59am at 24-hour branches)


Ura Coke®

Price: ¥250 / Value Set +¥30

Serving: 10:30am-Closing


Ura Coke® Float

Price: ¥310 / Value Set +¥90

Serving: 10:30am-Closing (until 1:00am at 24-hour branches)


Morning Menu

Ura Sausage & Egg McMuffin

Price: ¥290 / ¥490 / Combination ¥340


Ura Bacon & Egg McSandwich

Price: ¥240 / ¥440 / Combination ¥290

Serving: 10:30am-Closing (Morning Menu available from 5am at 24-hour branches)


Ura Menu Webpage: