Harajuku’s Popular Ice Cream Shop ‘Manhattan Roll Ice Cream’ to Open in Nagoya

18.June.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

Manhattan Roll Ice Cream is a popular roll ice cream store from Thailand. It arrived in Harajuku last year in August and proved its popularity during Golden Week this year where some people had to line up for 3 hours.


A new branch will open on June 16 in Osu, Nagoya.

Roll ice cream is made by spreading liquid ice cream over a cold plate at -20° and scooping it into a roll. The menu at Manhattan Roll Ice Cream offers much variety – you can add various fruits, chocolate and more to the shop’s original ice cream.

To celebrate the shop’s arrival in Nagoya, they will serve limited-edition Hatcho Miso Ice Cream at the new branch. It’s topped with Nagoya’s classic sweet adzuki bean paste and mirin that has aged for 10 years. Rich and sweet in flavour, this one’s for the adults!

The rich ice cream is made with over 20% butterfat, adding to the unique sweetness of the Hatcho Miso, creating a balance that can’t be described with words.

*Since mirin contains alcohol, this ice cream is limited to those aged 20 and above.

The ice cream is the base of the overall flavour of each item on the menu, and at Manhattan Roll Ice Cream, they’re very particular about it. They don’t use any eggs. They use an original combination of milk, fresh cream and syrup, giving the flavour a rich depth without being overly sweet. Normal ice cream usually uses between 10-15% butterfat, but the ice cream here is around 20%! They also use fresh fruits – nothing frozen – so it not only looks refreshing, but tastes it too.

What kind of flavour will the Hatcho Miso ice cream be…? You’d best visit to find out!


Manhattan Roll Ice Cream
Address: 3-30-93 Osu, Naka, Nagoya
Opening Hours: 10:00-20:00
No Fixed Holidays.
Official Website: https://manhattan-roll.com/