SILENT SIREN Release ’19 summer note.’ Music Video on YouTube

21.June.2018 | MUSIC

SILENT SIREN will release their first single 19 summer note. on July 17. In the meantime, the four-piece Japanese pop rock band uploaded the short version of the music over on June 20.

The girls recently released a new artist photo as well as the CD cover for the single in a location that looks like something out of the US. Both photos were taken at the end of May. They described it as a hot and sweaty day and that the shoot took place in the early hours of the morning just after the sun came out.

The music video takes place in a setting similar to a US family sitcom and captures a 19-year-old’s summertime love story that begins from a single notebook. SILENT SIREN‘s emotional performance encapsulates the feeling that although summer is fleeting, the memories are forever.

To celebrate the release of their single, the band will head on a special summer tour in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. The tour will be split into daytime and nighttime slots titled 101 and 19 respectively. The former will have a heavier set-list and will see the members dressed in Tenkaippin uniforms. The latter will be the complete opposite, described as a ‘ticket to youth at 19-years-old.’ It will have a softer more sparkly set-list.


Both shows will be long sets, so those who have never seen the band live before should use this opportunity. The single will be available in several editions, one of which is a ticket bundle edition, so be sure to check it out.


Listen to 19 summer note. and head to one of their many upcoming concerts!



New Single – “19 summer note.”
On Sale: July 11, 2018
First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) – ¥1,800 (w/tax ¥1,944)
Regular Edition (CD-Only) – ¥1,000 (w/tax ¥1,080)
Ticket Bundle Edition (CD + Concert Ticket) – ¥1,000 + ¥2,500 = ¥3,500 (w/tax ¥3,780)

Shop Purchase Bonus: B2 Poster

*Will discontinue once all are sold.

*Available at select stores only.


SILENT SIREN 2018 – Special Summer Solo Concert ~101~
2018/8/25 @ Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Tokyo – OPEN 14:00 / START 15:00
2018/8/26 @ BIGCAT, Osaka – OPEN 14:00 / START 15:00
2018/8/28 @ Bottom Line Nagoya, Aichi – OPEN 14:00 / START 15:00


SILENT SIREN 2018 – Special Summer Solo Concert ~19~
2018/8/25 @ Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Tokyo – OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
2018/8/26 @ BIGCAT, Osaka – OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
2018/8/28 @ Bottom Line Nagoya, Aichi – OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00



Tenkaippin presents SILENT SIREN LIVE TOUR 2018 〜”Girls will be Bears”TOUR〜

7.1 @ Zepp Osaka Bayside

7.13 @ Toyosu Pit

7.14 @ Toyosu Pit

7.28 @ Sakurazaka Central, Okinawa



Sai Sai Fes 2018

Venue: Shinkiba Studio Coast

Date: September 1, 2018
Time: Open 14:00 / Start 15:00

Ticket Price: Standing ¥5,400 (Tax-Inclusive)



SILENT SIREN Official Website: