BAND-MAID Release ‘start over’ Music Video & Announce Additional Japan Tour Dates

06.July.2018 | MUSIC

BAND-MAID have released the music video for their 3rd major single start over which is set to be released on July 25. Their official website has also been revamped.



The new song has a similar sound to the music the five-member rock band put out when they first formed. It’s a combination of their rock talent they have accumulated since going major and displays new potential of the band. The music video, too, is different from anything we’ve seen before, this time encompassing a drama story.

Their official website has also been updated, and a new date in Sapporo has been added to their 2018-2019 World Domination Tour which will take them on 16 concerts across Japan from September 9. Additional information has also been added regarding their fan club which was announced at their solo show in the US this year.


BAND-MAID’s performance of ‘REAL EXISTENCE’ at Zepp Tokyo on April 13, 2018.


In the run up to the release of the single, BAND-MAID‘s performance of REAL EXISTENCE has been uploaded to YouTube. The entire concert, which was held at Zepp Tokyo on April 13, 2018, will be included in the First Press Limited Edition A and First Press Limited Edition B copies of the single.


BAND-MAID will be performing at many summer festivals this year in Japan as well as overseas. You can catch them in Malaysia next on July 7 at Penang Anime Matsuri – Summer Paradise 2018.


BAND-MAID – 3rd Single “start over”
On Sale: July 25, 2018
First Press Limited Edition A (CD + Blu-ray + Postcard + CD) – ¥7,389 (+Tax)
First Press Limited Edition B (CD + DVD) – ¥3,685 (+Tax)
Regular Edition (CD-Only) – ¥1,000 (+Tax)

*Only 3,500 copies of the Limited Edition A copy are available worldwide.

*DVD & Blu-ray on both Limited Edition A and B copies contain footage of the band’s solo performance at Zepp Tokyo on April 13, 2018. 26 songs.

*Limited Edition A copy comes with ‘secret MAIKO lips’ CD and postcards.


BAND-MAID Official Website: