SPYAIR Unveil Anime CD Cover for Gintama Opening Theme ‘I Wanna Be…’

11.July.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

Gintama Shirogane no Tamashii-hen is the latest instalment to the Gintama anime series and began airing on July 8. SPYAIR, who perform the opening theme I Wanna Be…, have revealed the CD cover for the limited pressing edition of the single.

The limited pressing edition features 7-inch Gintama illustrative packaging as well as every single song the band has provided for the series.


In addition to I Wanna Be…, it includes Some Like It Hot!! which came out 7 years ago and is still enjoying healthy sales; Sakura Mitsutsuki which was the second opening to Gintama’: Enchousen; Genjo Destruction which was an insert theme for Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya; and finally Scramble, the theme song to the PS4® and PS Vita action game Gintama Rumble.


The booklet included features reprints of the anime CD covers for Some Like It Hot!!, Sakura Mitsuki and Genjo Destruction.


The anime size opening theme for I Wanna Be… is now available for digital download.

SPYAIR performed at Jump Music Festa on the weekend at Yokohama Arena to celebrate 50 years of Shonen Jump. The event saw artists affiliated with Shonen Jump series perform their iconic songs.

The band performed all of their Gintama songs to date including I Wanna Be… for the very first time which sparked a huge reaction from Jump fans.


Be sure to check out the anime size version before the full single is released on July 25.

SPYAIR will hold their annual outdoor solo concert JUST LIKE THIS 2018 on July 28. This mark’s the fourth run of the show, which will take place at Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest. Tickets have already sold out.



I Wanna Be…

On Sale: July 25, 2018


I Wanna Be… [Anime Size]

Download: https://smar.lnk.to/6T-lkWN


▼Limited Pressing Edition

¥1,852+Tax AICL-3548

*Features anime illustration CD cover.

  1. I Wanna Be…
  2. Scramble
  3. Genjo Destruction
  4. Sakura Mitsutsuki
  5. Some Like It Hot!!
  6. I Wanna Be… [Anime Size]



▼Regular Edition

*First press editions include digipak.

Price: ¥1,111+Tax AICL-3549

  1. I Wanna Be…
  2. Hold It, Buster 〜Battle of Rap〜
  3. I Wanna Be… (inst.)


Gintama Official Website: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/gintama/