SCANDAL Member Haruna to Release 1st Photo Book ‘SOMEWHERE’

17.July.2018 | FASHION

Lead vocalist and guitarist Haruna of all-female Japanese rock band SCANDAL will release her first photo book entitled SOMEWHERE on August 10.

The member has led as the band’s front-woman throughout her 20s. She will turn 30-years-old on the day of the photo book’s release.


After the band finished their Japan tour, Haruna set off on a trip. “Somewhere” is the word she uses to best describe herself today: that she is always on a journey somewhere that is not here.

The photo collection shows off Haruna‘s fit and healthy mind and body. She reveals the self-confidence she has acquired as being part of the band, her determination to never feel down when she’s frustrated, her forward-facing gaze in any situation, her girly smile, and a gentleness and sadness of someone who’s experience real love. All of the featured photos were taken away from the band during her vacations by photographer Tsutomo Ono.

There’s also a long interview with her covering topics around the band, her work, and romance. It’s the perfect book not only for fans of SCANDAL and Haruna, but young women in the same generation as her too.

Get your hands on a copy of SOMEWHERE and see Haruna in ways you haven’t before.




Publisher: PIA Corporation / Author: Haruna (SCANDAL) / Photographer: Tsutomu Ono

Price: ¥2,500 (+Tax)

Release Date:  August 10, 2018 (subject to change)

Format: B5 / 128-pages

Available at all bookstores, online bookstores and Book PIA in Japan.


Book PIA:




  • SCANDAL Drops New Song ‘A.M.D.K.J.’ Digitally Along with Music Video

    08.January.2020 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    On February 12, 2020, SCANDAL will drop their first ever album via their private label her. The upcoming album entitled Kiss from the darkness includes their new song A.M.D.K.J., which was just dropped on streaming services on January 8. A.M.D.K.J. is also the ending theme song for the Fuji TV anime GeGeGe no Kitarō. The lyrics for this catchy and upbeat song were written by RINA (Dr, Vo) and the music was composed by MAMI (Gt, Vo).


    The official music video for the song was dropped at the same time as the song’s digital release. The music video was directed by Hiroshi Usui, who is known for his work with a number of big artists. As lights flicker to the rhythm of swaying strips of cloth, the music video unfolds to reveal its cold and dark world, creating the perfect stage for SCANDAL’s impactful performance. The choice of colours and lighting is very intriguing and highlights SCANDAL and their expressions in such an amusing way.


    ‘A.M.D.K.J.’ Music Video

    You will receive a SCANDAL clear file wherever you choose to pre-order your Kiss from the darkness album from. The deadline to pre-order is January 8, 2020 at 23:59. There are many other original pre-order bonus goods out there so if a clear file isn’t your thing, there might be something better out there for you.

    The album also includes the song Tonight which is the theme song for the TV Tokyo Paravi Drama Series Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu, which is set to air at 1:35 am on January 8. Check it out! 


    A Statement by Hiroshi Usui

    Although the first line of our project proposal included a silly pun, we managed to pull off something amazing. It must be because the video and the four band members fit so perfectly together. When we were filming the band members individually, they did everything so perfectly. I just wanted to repeatedly call out “nice!” after every single shot.

  • SCANDAL’s New Song ‘A.M.D.K.J. ‘ to be Used as ED Theme For TV Anime ‘GeGeGe no Kitaro’

    02.December.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    SCANDAL performed as a headline act on the first day of C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2019ーone of the biggest J-pop events in Asia which took place from November 29 to December 1.


    The band performed their single Masterpiece which they dropped back in March, several songs which they wrote for movie and anime series, as well as classic hits that are popular overseas like Shunkan SentimentalShojo S, and Yoake no Ryuuseigun.

    They also debuted a new track entitled A.M.D.K.J. from their forthcoming album Kiss from the darkness, which will release from their private label her on February 12, 2020. The band announced that the song will be used as the ending theme for the TV anime series GeGeGe no Kitaro which is set to begin airing on January 5, 2020.

    Drummer and vocalist RINA wrote the lyrics for A.M.D.K.J., while guitarist and vocalist MAMI composed the music. It’s described as an upbeat track with a liberating feel.

    Towards the end of the concert, the band performed their latest single Saishuheiki Kimi which dropped just last month as well as their danceable rock number Take Me Out.


    SCANDAL are kicking off their 2020 “Kiss from the darkness” tour in March, for which overseas dates are to be added to make it a world tour. More details will be posted via the band’s social media and official website in the coming months.


    ©️Mizuki Pro・Fuji TV・Toei Animation

  • SCANDAL Announce New Album ‘Kiss from the darkness’ Releasing From Their Label her

    13.November.2019 | MUSIC

    SCANDAL have announced that they will release their first-ever full length album from their private label her, entitled Kiss from the darkness, on February 12, 2020. This marks the band’s ninth album in total and two years since the release of their last, HONEY. They will promote the album with a 19-date hall tour in March.

    Regular Edition CD Cover

    The new record from Japan’s biggest all-female rock band contains 11 songs in total, including all the singles they have released from their private label herMasterpieceMabatakiFuzzy, and Saishuheiki Kimi.


    Speaking about the new album, vocalist HARUNA commented: “I believe people have perceived our new songs as us having challenged ourselves to new things and having experimental parts, but that’s not really it. I can say with full confidence that this is seriously our best material yet. The creative energy from the four of us is just bursting at the seams.”


    RINA, the band’s drummer and the member who has written a lot of the song lyrics, commented on the theme of the record: “The ups and downs in our hearts, our strengths, and our weaknesses all serve as seeds to our music and turn into songs. ‘No matter what, everything will be okay. Things will work out.’ That’s the kind of message we put into the title Kiss from the darkness.’

    Limited Pressing Edition CD Cover

    The album’s cover art was designed by collage artist Q-TA who also worked on the band’s CD artwork for their March single Masterpiece/Mabataki. Speaking about the new pieces, Q-TA commented: “I added a sense of the girls’ innocence which is hidden away inside all of the aggression. I wanted to express not only what’s on the outside, but the inside too.”

    First Press Limited Edition A CD Cover

    First Press Limited Edition B CD Cover

    The album will be released in four editions: the Regular Edition, First Press Limited Edition A & B, and Limited Pressing Edition. Limited Edition A copies include a DVD featuring a documentary covering the band’s journey over the past year since establishing their private label her. B copies include volume 2 of the “her Magazine,” the first of which was included with their Masterpiece/Mabataki single and was thoroughly enjoyed by fans.


    Limited Pressing Edition copies include a DVD featuring a collection of the band’s music videos and a t-shirt featuring the cover artworkーall packaged in a beautiful box. If you pre-order the album in Japan now, you can also get an original folder; and depending where you order from, each store has their own individual bonus items you can get your hands on.


    SCANDAL will kick off their 19-date tour at Atsugi City Cultural Hall in Kanagawa on March 7, 2020. They will wrap it up with two shows at the Orix Theater in Osaka on March 5 and 6. More details below and on the band’s official website.

  • SCANDAL Release New ‘Saishuheiki Kimi’ Music Video & Digital Single Download

    06.November.2019 | MUSIC

    SCANDAL just dropped a new digital single entitled Saishuheiki Kimi on Wednesday (November 6) from their private music label her.

    Their most experimental track to date, the lyrics were written by drummer and vocalist RINA while the music was composed by guitarist and vocalist MAMI.


    The band also premiered the music video on YouTube at midnight in Japan on the same date. Flurries of messages whirled in the comment section from excited fans around the world as they watched the timer roll down in anticipation of the video’s release.

    The music video was directed by Motherfucko who also worked on the band’s previous digitally-released single Fuzzy which dropped back in August. The wild video makes use of multicoloured smoke, an energetic performance from the hand mic-wielding vocalist and guitarist HARUNA, and other notable moments.


    Speaking about directing the music video, Motherfucko commented: “I wanted the power of the song to sink into the colourful, boorish and edgy visuals. The members’ performances in particular are cool and really stand out, so I wanted to focus on them. I hope people can feel the power of SCANDAL’s music through this music video.”


    SCANDAL will hold a special live stream on Abetma TV on November 13 at 19:00 (JST) to make some big announcements. They will also have a feature called “SCANDAL’s Bedroom,” discuss relationships with popular AbemaTV presenters, and more.

  • SCANDAL Release ‘Fuzzy’ Music Video & Song Hits Streaming Services

    07.August.2019 | MUSIC

    SCANDAL just dropped their new single Fuzzy which is available across major streaming services and music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and the iTunes Store. It’s a bittersweet love song with lyrics written by drummer and vocalist RINA and the music composed by vocalist and guitarist MAMI.

    The song was performed at the finale of their 2019 “Fuzzy Summer Mood” tour at Zepp Tokyo on July 11. The lyrics were released before anyone heard the track and resonated with fans across social media for their relatable content when it comes to love.

    The CD cover features a painting which was carried out by the band members on a 3 x 3 meter white sheet on paper.


    The music video for Fuzzy was directed by Mother Fucko and follows a couple’s melancholic love story. It also features the band members themselves shredding a powerful performance


    SCANDAL will hold their first ever YouTube live stream on August 9, 2019 at 20:00 (JST) where they will perform a one-hour studio concert which will include the song Fuzzy. Click here for more details.


    Speaking about her work directing the music video, Mother Fucko commented: “The song has both a feeling of sprinting forward and has an air of melancholy to it. The video is shot emotionally and includes shots of a story happening outside of SCANDAL’s world as well as musical performances from the band members themselves. I was particular about the ‘fuzzy’ quality too. I hope people enjoy the coupling of the drama scenes with their nostalgic atmosphere and the powerful band performance scenes.”

  • SCANDAL Announce YouTube Live Stream of Red Bull Music Studios Tokyo Performance

    02.August.2019 | MUSIC

    SCANDAL are set to host their first ever live YouTube stream on August 9 from 20:00 (JST) when they perform a one-hour show at Red Bull Music Studios Tokyo.


    The studio performance will feature a long list of tracks including their new song Fuzzy which they performed at the finale of their “Fuzzy Summer Mood” Japan tour on July 11.


    SCANDAL will subsequently perform at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2019 the following day on August 10 and SUMMER SONIC 2019 OSAKA the following week on August 18.


    Be sure to tune in to their stream to catch them live.

  • SCANDAL Wrap Up ‘Fuzzy Summer Mood’ Japan Tour & Announce November Shows

    12.July.2019 | MUSIC

    SCANDAL just concluded their Fuzzy Summer Mood tour with the finale being held at Zepp Tokyo on Thursday. The tour took the band to 12 cities across Japan for 15 shows.


    For this tour, SCANDAL changed things up by having every show featuring a completely different set list. After each show they posted those set lists onto Spotify so that both fans that attended the show and those who could not could relive the experience.

    At the Zepp Tokyo show, Haruna, Mami, Tomomi and Rina were welcomed onto the stage with excited cheers from fans. The night begin with the band performing Masterpiece, their latest single released back in March. Without taking a breather, they followed it up with Take Me OutLOVE SURVIVE and other upbeat tracks. In the middle of the set they played the city pop number Mabataki for the first time for which the crowd stood intently to listen.

    In the second half of the show SCANDAL performed an unreleased new track entitled Fuzzy. Fans shifted from fist pumping to intent listening as the song went from a fast-paced melody to bittersweet lyrics.


    This was followed up by Shunkan SentimentalAwanai Tsumori no, Genki Desu ne and Image amongst a host of others. The last song of the encore was SCANDAL BABY which saw the crowd come together to sing at the top of their lungs.

    At the end of the night SCANDAL announced that they will perform again in Tokyo and Osaka this November for a taiban (battle-of-the-bands) tour where they will be joined by fellow artists. This marks their first taiban tour since 2017 when they were joined by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN in Tokyo, 04 Limited Sazabys in Nagoya, and BLUE ENCOUNT in Osaka.


    Cameraman: Takeshi Yao

  • Concert Review: SCANDAL’s 2019 Japan Tour Has Different Set Lists For Every Concert

    04.June.2019 | MUSIC

    SCANDAL’s “Fuzzy Summer Mood” 2019 tour began at Zepp Nagoya on June 1. The tour is set to take the rock band to 12 locations across Japan to perform 15 concerts.

    This tour is unique from their other tours however as every date features completely different set list. The unpredictability of what the girls will play is part of the excitement for this summer tour.


    SCANDAL headlined HUSH!! Full Music 2019 at Hac Sa Beach in Macau on May 1. The first date of the Fuzzy Summer Mood tour served to usher in Japan’s new Reiwa era.

    The concert featured the SCANDAL’s first performance of Mabataki taken from their single Masterpiece / Mabataki which they released on March 27 under a private music label called “her.” The rest of the set list was made up of a string of classic upbeat live tunes as well as songs they haven’t performed in several years. The band also performed a new song titled Fuzzy which they have only just finished recording.

    The tour will wrap up at Zepp Tokyo on July 11. A number of the shows have already sold out, so if you’re in Japan and looking to catch them live be sure to grab a ticket ASAP.


    SCANDAL are posting playlists of each set list on the tour over on Spotify, so whether you get to see them live this summer or not you can still be part of the experience.

    The above-pictured new artist photo was also released when the tour started. It’s the complete opposite of their previous artist photo which was shot in the early morning with each member wearing white clothes. This time we see them donning black outfits and standing on the city sidewalk in the evening.


    Photography: Takeshi Yao

  • SCANDAL Confirmed as Ambassadors for Cassette Store Day 2018

    15.September.2018 | MUSIC

    It has been announced that SCANDAL will serve as the official ambassadors of Japan for this year’s Cassette Store Day, an international and annual event that celebrates cassette tapes, which will fall on October 13.

    The band will also be selling original cassette players at the event. It’s the perfect opportunity for those in today’s young generation who have never touched a cassette tape to get up close and personal with them, as well as a nostalgic trip for those who did grow up listening to their music on them.

    Cassette Store Day will take place globally on Saturday October 13. It first began in 2013 in the UK and moved to European countries like France and Germany before hitting Japan for the first time in 2016. The event was inspired by the annual Record Store Day, another occassion celebrating the culture of independently owned record stores.


    There will be limited edition releases available on Cassette Store Day as well as numerous events happening including official events held by the Cassette Store Day Japan office.

    At Cassette Store Day Japan you can expect to get your hands on SUMMER MADNESS, the first ever non-stop DJ mix tape by Fantastic Plastic Machine a.k.a. Tomoyuki Tanaka, Canvas e.p., a four-track cassette and first release in 4 years from ZEPPET STORE’s Seizi Kimura, Loose Grooves & Bastard Blues (300 copies only), the famous 1998 album by Tommy Guerrero, and many more.


    The full list of releases is gradually being posted on the event’s official website. A line-up of artists from all genres and generations will be available at the event.


    Head to this year’s Cassette Store Day for a step back into the past.


    Cassette Store Day Japan 2018 Official Website:
    SCANDAL Official Website:
  • SCANDAL’s Haruna Holds Release Event for Her First Photo Book ‘SOMEWHERE’

    21.August.2018 | MUSIC

    Lead vocalist and guitarist Haruna of all-female Japanese rock band SCANDAL turned 30 on August 10, and on this same day, she released her first ever photo book titled SOMEWHERE.


    To celebrate and promote the release of the collection, an event was held on August 18 on the 6th floor of HMV&BOOKS in Shibuya, Tokyo which the singer attended in person.


    Haruna joined SCANDAL in her late teens and has spent her entire twenties as the frontwoman of this immensely and internationally popular rock band.


    Her photo book, entitled SOMEWHERE, was compiled at the end of the band’s Japan tour. The photos were taken by Japanese photographer Tsutomu Ono.

    The book includes a long interview covering the self-confidence Haruna has acquired as being part of the band, her determination to never feel down when she’s frustrated, her forward-facing gaze in any situation, her girly smile, the band, work, love and more.

    Pre-orders sold out the moment the book went up for sale, so additional prints are in the works. The number of people wanting to attend the release events in Tokyo and Osaka also far exceeds the scheduled amount. It’s clear to see the fans’ love and support for Haruna.

    Before the event at HMV&BOOKS on August 18 began, 16 media companies were sat in attendance. Haruna confessed that she was nervous being surrounded by reporters for something other than music.


    I’m a little relieved. Additional prints are being prepared for pre-orders. I was overjoyed at seeing all my fans kindly puchasing the book before my eyes,” Haruna expressed in regards to releasing a photo book.


    She also recalled a particular episode during photoshoot: “There’s a photo with the setting sun behind me. The colour of it changed ever so rapidly. It was such a dramatic sight and left an impression on me. I’ll never forget that shoot.”


    ――How was the event?

    I was even more nervous than I thought I would be [laughs]. The angle of the questions and the feeling of distance felt completely different than during the CD release. I think it was a very good experience. So many people kindly came to the event. There were people who had already bought and looked at the book. There was event a woman the same age as me who said, “Let’s do our best  in our 30s.” I was also so happy to hear someone say, “I became even more of a fan after reading the book.” I talk a bit more personally than I show at concerts in the interview in the book, so I’m glad I put it out even if it’s that part of myself I included that made people like me.


    ――What are your thoughts on releasing your first photo book?
    I’m a little relieved. It was my first time releasing something by myself other than music so I wasn’t able to picture how many people would read it, but I was so happy at there being reprints made for pre-orders and seeing people buy it in front of me after it was released.


    ――What made you want to release a photo book?
    My manager had spoken to me about it, but during that time I said to him, “I’m already going to be 30 soon.” He said, “You look like you’re having fun even when performing. You’re shining. I think the Haruna you are right now is amazing.” So I gained a bit more confidence and reached a decision to release the book.


    ――How was it shooting on Cebu Island?
    It was a tight schedule, just 2 days, but it was a lot of fun. The thing I remember the most is on the page at the end of the book. There’s a photo with the setting sun behind me. The colour of it changed ever so rapidly. It was such a dramatic sight and left an impression on me. I’ll never forget that shoot.


    ――Which is your favourite photo?
    It wasn’t that one. The one I really like is the one we took in the pool at night. It was my first time having a photo taken of my whole body while wearing a swimsuit. I had absolutely no idea how the photo would turn out because there weren’t any lights at the pool. I never thought it would look so striking. I think it’s really mysterious how it took so well, even the water. I’m very satisfied we were able to take an artistic photo.


    ――How did the other members react?
    They said, “It’s amazing that you can put out something like this having turned 30.”


    ――What do you think about expressing yourself in the photos?
    Honestly, I thought people would express doubt about a band member putting out photos, but we’re a band that has come to have self confidence in breaking down things with certain meanings, like “You’re band so you can’t do this and that” and “You’re a band so you should be like this.” So I upheld my confidence in some way that a band vocalist can put out a photo book. I feel like right now is the most fun time in my life, so I hope that people can see that simply.


    ――Did you have any resistance to the swimsuit photoshoot?
    I went to the gym and trained my body for it, so I was able to have more fun than be against it. Even when the photos were taken I learned that I like having my photo taken, so it was a good discovery.


    ――Will the photo book release tie in with anything in the future?
    I feel like there won’t be anything too scary.


    ――What do you rate the photo book?
    Is it okay to give it a full score? It’s 10/10. I ship it with confidence.


    ――What are your aspirations turning 30?
    Even after having turned 30 my goal hasn’t changed, I will remain active musically. I am to continue music after marrying and having kids. I think I would like to do both of those things before I’m 35.


    ――What do you want to challenge yourself to outside of music?
    I’ve grown to like travelling in recent years. I’ve been on trips even on my own. I like things like that. I’m not like Another Sky though [laughs]. I’d like to do a travel show like that.


    ――One last time, please tell us your outlook for the future.
    I think it’s somewhat a miracle that SCANDAL has continued for 10 years. I think it’s extraordinary for four girls to do music for 10 years. There’s a lot of bands who split up in that time frame, so I have confidence in having come along 10 years. My outlook for the future is for us four to go as far as we can together.


    Haruna’s photo book SOMEWHERE has many people hooked right now. Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself if you’re interested!


    Available: Bookshops in Japan, online, Book Pia
    Released: August 10, 2018
    Price: ¥2,500 (+Tax)
    Book Pia:
    7-Net Shopping:
  • SCANDAL to Celebrate 10th Anniversary Since Major Debut with Japan, US & Mexico Tour

    29.May.2018 | MUSIC

    SCANDAL released their 8th studio album HONEY this year back in February. In support of the album, the band embarked on a tour across Japan titled SCANDAL TOUR 2018 “HONEY” which concluded at Kobe International Hall in Hyogo Prefecture on May 25.


    The stage set was dyed in a chic red, with the members’ amps and drum shells even taking on the same colour, made special for this tour. As the crowed cheered and screamed in anticipation for the band’s entrance, the members stepped out onto stage donning HONEY’s theme colour – red.


    The first song of the night was HONEY’s lead track Platform Syndrome. They continued with another rock track from the album, OVER. Things changed up a bit as they pulled out SCANDAL BABY, which featured on the band’s greatest hits album last year and voted as the fans’ number one favourite. The curtains fell after this song, which if this was a normal performance would signal the end of the show―but this is SCANDAL.


    After a brief chat with the crowd, the girls displayed their impressive talents with a string of medium rock numbers that have an inner fortitude. This included Oh! No! where Mami (guitar/vocals) takes on the role of lead vocals, Can Beer with Tomomi (bass/vocals) on lead vocals, Short Short from their latest album, Mado o Aketara which was arranged by Mizuki Masuda, and the hugely popular Departure for which the members wrote and composed everything together for the first time.


    Next on the list was something a little different. The members answered questions which fans posted on the fan club with the theme ‘things you want SCANDAL to shed light on across the country in these times.’


    SCANDAL then went on to play Electronic Girl from HONEY which is a song they can be proud of having improved the most on this tour. This was followed by their classic hit Everybody Say Yeah! which signaled the start of the show finale. The last block included a variety of new ones and oldies, including Shunkan Sentimental, Flashback No.5, Take Me Out, Koisuru Universe, amongst others. It felt like it was all over in an instant.


    After a riotous call of an encore, the members stepped out one last time. “SCANDAL is celebrating 10 years this autumn since our major debut! We haven’t made a special celebration of the day since our major debut until now, but the number ‘10’ has a natural sense of gratitude in it. We will prepare an appropriate setlist to give thanks. We’ll be waiting for you at the live club houses,” they said happily to the fans, offering up the announcement of a new tour.


    The encore consisted of Sisters, Image, and LOVE SURVIVE, wrapping up the band’s 23-date hall tour.

    SCANDAL will continue to tour in support of the album. They will tour Asia from June including mainland China before heading to the US and Mexico this fall.


     New Album – “HONEY”

    Released: February 14, 2018


    Limited Pressing Edition (CD+T-Shirt) – ¥5,700 (Tax Included) *T-shirt produced by AMIAYA

    First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) – ¥3,700 (Tax Included)

    Regular Edition (First Press Packaging) (CD-Only) – ¥3,200 (Tax Included)


    “HONEY” Trailer:


    “HONEY” Download:



    Location: Hong Kong

    Venue: MacPherson Stadium (

    Date: June 10, 2018

    Time: 20:00 (Local Time)


    Location: Beijing

    Venue: TANGO (

    Date: June 15 ,2018

    Time: 19:30 (Local Time)


    Location: Guangzhou

    Venue: TUTU (

    Date: June 17, 2018

    Time: 20:00 (Local Time)

    Location: Manila

    Venue: SMX Convention Center (

    Date: June 24, 2018

    Time: 19:00 (Local Time)


    Location: Taipei

    Venue: Clapper Studio (

    Date: June 30, 2018

    Time: 19:00 (Local Time)


    SCANDAL US & Mexico Tour 2018 “Special Thanks” 

    Location: New York

    Venue: PlayStation Theater(

    Date: September 5, 2018


    Location: San Francisco

    Venue: The Regency Ballroom(

    Date: September 7, 2018


    Location: Anaheim

    Venue: House of Blues(

    Date: September 9, 2018


    Location: Dallas

    Venue: The Bomb Factory(

    Date: September 16, 2018


    *Details for Mexico and ticket information will be released at a later date.


    SCANDAL TOUR 2018 – ‘Kanshasai’

    11.02 @ Zepp Nagoya, Aichi

    11.03 @ Zepp Nagoya, Aichi

    11.10 @ Zepp Osaka Bayside, Osaka

    11.11 @ Zepp Osaka Bayside, Osaka

    11.16 @ Zepp Sapporo, Hokkaido

    11.20 @ Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo

    11.21 @ Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo


    Ticket Prices: Reserved Seating ¥4,860 (Tax Included) + 1 Drink Fee

    *4 tickets per person for each date.

    *Tickets required for those aged 4 and above.


    SCANDAL MANIA Pre-Release: May 25 @ 22:00―June 11 @ 23:59

    *To purchase, you must sign up as a member (fee charged) by May 31.

    *New members that sign up between May 21-May 31 can apply for pre-release tickets from June 7.


    SCANDAL Official Homepage:

    Album Website:


  • MMN Interview: SCANDAL want to live coolly as Japan’s representative all-female band (Part Two)

    26.February.2018 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    In 2016, SCANDAL toasted to ten years since their formation, and this autumn, they will celebrate their 10th anniversary since their major debut. The band released their eighth album HONEY this month which peaked at number one on Japan’s iTunes album charts on the day of release and ranked number one in the iTunes J-pop charts across the globe including Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Peru. Last year, 3 of the band members – Haruna (Vocals/Guitar), Mami (Guitar/Vocals) and Tomomi (Bass/Vocals) – became the first Japanese female artists to sign an endorsement agreement with Fender. It is evident for all to see that SCANDAL are building and fortifying their career as an all-girls band representing Japan in both name and reality. This is part two of the interview, in which the four members look back at their overseas activity and told various stories from their perspective as an all-female band.


    <Click Here for Part One>


    Interview & Text: Mami Naruta / Translation: Joshua Kitosi-Isanga


    ■“We want to be cool so our listeners throughout the world can be proud”


    ――When SCANDAL head out across the globe, “Japan’s representative girl band” really is an is appropriate catchphrase in reality and in name.


    Rina (Drums / Vocals): We’re not quite there yet. But that makes me happy.

    Mami (Guitar / Vocals): But if we’re asked whether we’re placing focus on our overseas activities, that’s not the case. It’s just the way things pan out. We go with it without intending to separate Japan and everywhere else. It isn’t the case that from the beginning we were conscious of wanting to become Japan’s representative girl band or become popular overseas, so to have that said to us now makes me really happy.


    Rina: I have an increased awareness for us to be cool so that people think to themselves things like “I’m glad I supported them” and “I, who support SCANDAL, love who I am” for the very fact that we have listeners all around the world. I’ve taken in the fact that lots of different people listen to us, so I’ve truly come to think that I don’t want to let the fans down. I want to live cool, so much so that listening to SCANDAL’s music becomes people’s confidence.


    Haruna (Vocals / Guitar): Yeah. We’ve done this for twelve years, so I want to have confidence in that.


    Rina: I feel that our fans’ minds are the same regardless of what country they’re from. I haven’t asked each of them individually, but when I look at things like the atmosphere in a venue, although people’s ages, gender, race and religion are different, I really feel that everyone holds the same mindset. I think that’s where the world ties together.


    Haruna: Overseas fans come to our tours in Japan, and vice versa Japanese fans come when we play overseas. I’m happy that there’s an interaction.


    Tomomi (Bass / Vocals): There’s an unofficial international fan club called “SCANDAL HEAVEN.” Groups of people on there from each country get together and post photos of themselves eating together on social media.


    ――Fans that have transcended national borders and connected through your music have left a happy impression on you, haven’t they? Also, I think within the female band scene, you have your own unique values.


    Rina: I think girl bands are accepted as one part of Japanese culture. There are very few girl bands overseas. It seems difficult for them to last a long time. I hear stories of bands disbanding soon after their debut. That’s why, in contrast with us who’ve been together for 12 years, there’s a lot of people interested in what a long-lasting girl band is like. There are people who feel culture and appeal in our existence, so I’ve felt we’ve moved forward.

    ――It’s true when you mention overseas girl bands. Nothing springs to mind immediately…

    Rina: If we’re talking recently then HiNDS are really cool, and they have a unique feel that I find great. If the number of girl bands increases from country to country, the music scene will become more exciting. I’d like to support them.


    ■“Japanese girls are skilled at creating their own personal ‘cute’”


    ――By the way, what do each of you find to be the charm point of Japanese girls?


    Rina: They’re allowed to mix together the things they like. They’re skilled at creating their own personal “cute.” Even ordinary school girls. They create a world that they love on their Instagram pages, don’t they? This is found in Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s style too, but for example, adding a little spice to something that isn’t just cute. Their ability to self-produce is strong.


    Haruna: Everybody knows what suits them. Whether it’s make-up or different fashion styles, they skilfully incorporate what looks good on them and create something original. I think that’s wonderful.


    Rina: In our recent album HONEY too, I think we’ve been able to create songs that mix together sweet and bitter. The album is centred around songs we wrote in 2017. This time we reconsidered “Japanese rock” while keeping them sung in Japanese, so when people overseas have listened to it, I think they’ll see it’s a record that conveys today’s Japanese girl rock. In that sense, I think we’ve created an album that compiles 10 years of a SCANDAL that has taken influence from many things, sweet and bitter.


    HONEY通常盤 2 copy

    ――In 2017 you released your 10-year anniversary greatest hits album, toured Japan’s 47 prefectures and went on your first taiban* tour. It was a substantial year for you.


    Rina: Last year we put on tough, masculine-like performances, which made us wonder what kind of songs a girl band should perform. It was a period where we re-evaluated things like our position and status. We had strong thoughts that “We’re girls, so we really should be doing the kind of rock that girls can do, otherwise it’s not interesting,” especially during our taiban tour.


    [*Translator’s Note: A taiban is a concert where several bands perform.]


    ――The bands that joined you at the taiban were UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, 04 Limited Sazabys and BLUE ENCOUNT, right?


    Rina: We toured with 3 big bands at that festival, so it was something I mulled over. So I think we’ve been able to create an album that shakes off those thoughts in a girly way.


    ――Your album cover was produced by AMIAYA, twins who are active in Tokyo as fashion icons. How did that collaboration come about?


    Tomomi: We’ve actually been close with AMIAYA ever since we were introduced to them by Mizuki (Masuda) of [music group] Negoto. We knew that the album contained a lot of personal things. It’s filled with events that have happened in our daily lives, our favourite words, smells, colours and things like that. It came about because we thought since the album is so personal, it would be good if we made it together with a close friend. We were also crazy about how perfect the album colour and AMIAYA’s character went together.


    ――All things considered, I think that how you’re all able to write your songs together is really your strong point as a band.


    Rina: Hehehe (laughs). The four of us are individuals so songs are born left, right and centre, but when performing as a band, they become SCANDAL’s songs. It’s strange, isn’t it? Even though we do it together we never grow tired, and even now my heart is always racing. I think right now is the most fun time ever.

    ■SCANDAL recommend their favourite spots around Tokyo


    ――You’ve just released your new album. What mode is SCANDAL in right now?


    Rina: We’ve once again been able to create something that shakes free the kind of rock that seems good, in 2018, the 10th anniversary of our major debut, so the sense of accomplishment having completed HONEY is amazing (laughs). We’re taking this album on a hall tour, our first in three years, so I hope to put on the best performance we can now.


    Haruna: We also have an Asia tour after our tour in Japan! We didn’t have an overseas tour last year, so this time we’re going to the Philippines and China for the first time. I’m really excited. We’ve received messages on Twitter for years of people saying “Please come to the Philippines,” so we’re finally going. I think they’ll be fully charged for us (laughs).


    Rina: Asia have welcomed us with a “Come back!” so we’re always at ease there! Fans bring along their friends to the airport. I get the feeling the number of new people increases every time.

    Mami: Yeah. There might even be places where the audience has completely changed. I’m interested to see how people will listen to this album.


    ――To wrap up, can each of you recommend some spots in Tokyo?


    Tomomi: When my friend visits from my home town, we’ve boarded the Yakatabune at Sumida River several times. You can eat traditional Japanese food like tempura, and you can see places like Odaiba and Skytree in one go while you go down the river. It was so much fun. I recommend that course!


    Mami: If you’re coming for a good time during spring’s cherry blossom season, then how about Shinjuku Gyoen or Meguro River? Since I don’t think you can easily see cherry trees lined up like that overseas. It’s not something flashy or gaudy, and this is a simple way to look at things, but you can kind of feel Japan with just one glance of them. It might be fun to visit and have fun enjoying the four seasons.


    Haruna: As for me, I’ve been filling up by goshuincho*. For foreigners, it’s kind of like a stamp rally? Well, it’s not as simple as that, but I think if you’ve made the effort to come to Japan it could be fun to spend your time doing it. I started by purchasing a goshuincho at Sensō-ji. If you go to Sensō-ji, you also have Nakamise-dori just before you reach the temple which is a lot of fun. You can enjoy the so-called essence of Japan.


    [*Translator’s Note: A goshuincho is a book used for collecting goshuin, which are stamps or seals you can receive when you visit temples and shrines in Japan. Each place has their own unique stamp.]


    Rina: For me… Tower Records in Shibuya. CD shops are dying overseas. I think Japan has the most CD shops in the world, but out of them all I think that’s the biggest. They have everything there. I see photos people have taken that have come from overseas of the Tower Records building, and I think to myself “so that’s how they view it.”


    ――Even when you actually look at things like the stock and floorspace, it’s the world’s biggest CD retail store.


    Rina: It’s true. It’s a valuable place. There’s a documentary movie called “ALL THINGS MUST PASS” that covers the history of Tower Records. After I watched it I went to Tower Records in Shibuya and was really moved! I don’t know what the future has in store for record shops, so I hope people enjoy it while it’s there. It’s the coolest CD shop.



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    DVD: Footage of 11th anniversary concert “Storytellers: SCANDAL”

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