Fantastical Aquarium Arriving to Kyocera Dome Osaka on July 28

27.July.2018 | SPOT

An aquarium themed event is making its way to Sky Hall of Kyocera Dome Osaka’s Sky Hall on July 28 and will run to August 26 during which people can enjoy watching a captivating show of fish inside lit-up tanks.

Expect to see goldfish as well as a range of freshwater fish like the Japanese rice fish. Photography is also allowed so you can take plenty of great photos in the magical, vibrant worlds of the fish.

The Sketch Aquarium which was popular last year is making a reappearance in the form of a huge 10 meter screen. There will also be an insect corner with rhinoceros beetles and stag beetles which are popular with Japanese kids.

Experience a wondrous artistic world created by a variety of fish species.



Aquarium in Kyocera Dome Osaka Sky Hall

Running: July 28, 2018 – August 26 ,2018

Time: 11:00am-7:00pm (Last Entries 6:30pm)

Location Sky Hall, Kyocera Dome Osaka 9F (3-2-1 Chiyozaki, Nishi-ku, Osaka)

TEL: 06-6586-0106 (9:00am-6:00pm)

Tickets: Available same-day only

Entry Price: Adults ¥600 / Children ¥400

*Those aged 3 and under permitted free entry. One child per adult.

*Paper for the Sketch Aquarium costs ¥100.