Pokémon Lip Cream & iPhone Accessories Make for Perfect Gifts From Japan

05.August.2018 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

Japan has a lot of Pokémon merchandise, and they keep adding to the stock. Check out these brand new items being released this month!


iPhone Cable Bite

This cable bite series is an accessory for iPhone charging cables. They’re a popular trend right now and are used as decoration made to look like they’re chomping down on your phone. These six designs go on sale from August 10.

They also prevent your iPhone cable from falling out. The six designs include Pikachu, Eevee, Piplup, Psyduck, Meowth, and Munchlax.


Cable Bite Pokémon
Price: ¥680 Each (Pre-Tax)
Available: Benelic Homepage http://benelic.com/
※CABLE BITE and the products are a registered trademark of Dreams Inc.


Pokémon Marble Lip Cream
These lip creams are the second product in a series of Pokémon themed cosmetics. Available in four designs, they go on sale from August 7 at Pokémon Center stores and ITS’DEMO stores in Japan.

The first product in the series was the Pokémon Face Masks. Close to 40,000 shipped within the first month.

The new lip creams are made with numerous beautifying ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil. Not only do they look good in design, they keep your lips moist and ensure they do not dry out.

The packaging designs are original to the cosmetic series. Both products make for a perfect souvenir from Japan, so why not pick one up?


Pokémon Lip Cream
Price: ¥750 (Pre-Tax)
Types: 4
Available: Pokémon Centers, ITS’DEMO, and variety shops in Japan
On Sale: August 7, 2018
Website: https://lovisia.jp
*Select stores not stocking the products. Please enquire with the stores directly if you have queries.©Nintendo・Creatures・GAME FREAK・TV Tokyo・ShoPro・JR Kikaku