Guide on how to use Japanese toilets for foreign visitors released!

18.March.2016 | SPOT

TOTO have created the website “NIPPON UTSUKUSHI TOILET” to help out foreigners travelling to Japan. The guide is aid foreigners on the steps they can take in order to help out in maintaining Japan’s toilet cleanliness and hygiene. But are the increasing number of visitors from overseas concerned about how to use Japanese toilets?

The website can be set to English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean and Japanese, and teaches them more about Japan by tackling the issue on how to use the toilets. The guide has also been made to be easily accessed on your smartphone. Moreover, a special accommodation/lodging setting has been released for owners of hotels, ryokan and so on which they can use for their business in guiding foreigners.






  • Laforet Harajuku Opens New Girly & Creative Toilets

    25.March.2019 | SPOT

    Laforet Harajuku’s 3rd floor female and multipurpose toilets just reopened on March 23.


    Since its establishment, the department store has found ways to promote and express creativity through fashion and advertising, and that unique inventiveness of theirs has now seeped into the toilets!

    The stylish new toilets incorporate amenity with designs expressing that typical Laforet Harajuku-esque humour.

    The entire interior design was created by Ran Tondabayashi, an artist who has worked on many of the visuals for Laforet Harajuku’s campaigns. The concept is “a strange and otherworldly space of Harajuku.” It makes use of collage, a technique that Tondabayashi is skilled at.

    Talking about the design, she comments: “Harajuku is a place that is full of vitality and is flooded with people. I created this design so that when people step into these toilets, just for a short while, they feel excited at being in a strange and curious place.”


    If you’re in Harajuku and need to use the bathroom then be sure to stop by Laforet Harajuku.