SCANDAL – 10 years since their formation – but just who is this iconic girl band?

30.April.2016 | FEATURES / MUSIC

When you hear the words “girl band”, what kind of group do you think of?

There are certainly all kinds that might spring to mind. If one of them was the kind of girl band that performs dressed as high-school girls, dare I say they were probably influenced by SCANDAL.

A long time has already passed since this symbolic girl band made their debut. You’ve probably heard their name before, but… let’s take this opportunity to revisit what has made SCANDAL so charming to so many people.

High School Girls: A Sensational Debut
SCANDAL formed as a 4-member group back in 2006. Changes are commonplace with bands, but since their inception, the members have stayed the same.

If you take a look at the girls’ artwork, you can see they have perfectly appealed to the high-school girl look.

Coming from the same middle-school generation, the four of them are similar in height, all with long black hair and dolled up in empowering make-up that emphasises their strong gaze, accompanied by their stylish and cool blazers. Kitted out in such an admired and adored appearance, they allow for adults to look back at their youthful days and think “I think I had a time like this too”.

Even in their major debut track “DOLL”, there is a phrase in the lyrics that says:“wakattenai desho, nanni mo atashi wa maru de dynamite”(translation: ‘You don’t understand a thing – I’m dynamite’). When you hear these words sang, you can really feel the force of this piercing late-teens issue.

You really bear witness to their charm when you see the girls’ actions and manners. But these isn’t simply the work of their great visuals.  Why is it that while they’re performing even the swaying of their hair seems to express part of them?


That’s because the four of them used to go to the same vocal & dance school. It was there that the band came to be as it was the place where they were advised by a certain lecturer who recommended them instruments. They went straight to Osaka Castle Park where they began to play street concerts and began to build up experience.

From girls to women: Their same-generation charisma still strong
After the youngest member, RINA, graduated from high-school, she started to become free from the kind of compulsory uniforms and hair-styles expected at schools, and began to gain attention as the member who self-produced herself.

Her changes are most noticeable in the band’s 2012 singles “HARUKAZE” and “Pinheel Surfer”. In “HARUKAZE”, 4 girls who aren’t the band members appear as the protagonists for the music video. The protagonists act out how the members, who had always worn school uniforms until then, had finally become adults and were looking back at their past. In the music video for “Pinheel Surfer”, each member changes the colour of their hair. Despite all wearing the same kind of ‘compulsory’ uniform, the outfits aren’t actually the kind they had worn until then, but instead office lady clothes; wearing tight skirts, net stockings and red pin heels. This change acted as the band shedding themselves as a “girls high-school band” and turning into an “independent female adult band”.

Even their songs have seen a change. From the time of their independent debut, the lyrics to their songs were generally written by the members themselves or in joint collaborations. But in February 2011, their song “Pride” was released as a coupling single where the song “Emotion”, created by member RINA, was also included. Thereafter, the number of songs written by the members started to increase. The 2014 tracks “Departure” and “Image” and the 2015 track “Stamp!” were all written and composed by member MAMI, while RINA wrote the lyrics for and MAMI composed the band’s latest single “Sisters”.

Rina Katahira is standing out this year as a singer-songwriter, having edited, produced and performed the song “Party” from her new album “Saikou no Shiuchi”. She will be heading in a new direction and challenging herself much more this year.

The growing circle of “SCANDAL MANIA”
I have spoken a lot about how the band have changed, but how exactly are their activities doing now?

If I was to sum it up in a phrase, it would be an “unstoppable advance”.


To give a concrete example, SCANDAL were in charge of making the theme song during their independent debut for the PSP game “Star Ocean: Second Evolution” back in 2007. Several weeks after that debut, they performed at Japanese cultural festival “Sakura-Con 2008” in Seattle, US. In October of the same year, where they made their major debut, they performed on the national music programme “Music Station”. Moreover, tickets sold out completely at the first free concert they held after their major debut, where even people who were there at the band’s beginning attended.


That support led to an unbelievable amount of attendees at their one-man tour in 2009, which was held after the release of their CD; 2010 saw the band embark on a Zepp tour; and 2011 saw them hold their first Asia tour, after while they immediately went on a hall tour only one-month after, proving the scale of the band’s rapid growth.


The madness doesn’t stop there. SCANDAL also went on an arena tour from the beginning of last year, which concluded to immense success this year in January as they performed two days at the legendary Nippon Budokan. There are no bounds for these girls. To celebrate the release of their album “YELLOW” which was released in March this year, they will be embarking to 8 cities + Honolulu to play 22 shows, including performances in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and more. Straight after that they will be heading to Europe to play a tour across 10 cities. Time spent preparing will be everything so that they can be with their fans all over the world.


SCANDAL’s charm is their possession of everything “cute” and everything “cool”. Their chance to prove their skill is now! Make sure you do NOT miss out on a chance to see them live!


SCANDAL Official Website

Writer: Kakoi (SHUTTER)


  • SCANDAL Releases Live Performance of ‘Prism’ Filmed during 2022 World Tour

    21.February.2023 | MUSIC

    The popular girl group SCANDAL will release a live performance video of the song Prism, which was performed during the World Tour last year. The group will also release MIRROR, a documentary, on Blu-ray and DVD on February 22, 2023.


    SCANDAL embarked on the WORLD TOUR MIRROR 2022 from March to September 2022, performing in Japan, North America, and Europe. While the girls faced difficulties performing in the U.S. due to the pandemic, they have continued to tour Japan and abroad, celebrating 15 years of musical activities. The new live video was produced using select scenes from each show on the world tour. Prism shows off the individuality of the four members, filled with confidence and a trailblazing spirit.



    Starting April 7, the SCANDAL TOUR 2023 unlimited UTOPIA will begin, visiting seven cities across Japan: Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. The group’s new song Line of sight is currently being used as the theme song for the arcade card game Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal Base LINXTAGE.

  • Rock Band SCANDAL Writes ‘Line of Sight,’ Theme Song for Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal Base LINXTAGE

    28.January.2023 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    On February 22, the popular rock band SCANDAL will release the documentary MIRROR on Blu-ray and DVD. In April, the artists will embark on the SCANDAL TOUR 2023 – Unlimited UTOPIA, performing in seven cities across Japan.


    The new song Line of Sight was written by the band to serve as the theme song for the arcade card game Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal Base LINXTAGE, scheduled to release in late February. Read SCANDAL’s comment below!


    Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal Base LINXTAGE〈LINXTAGE SEASON:01〉PV

    “We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been put in charge of the theme song for Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal Base LINXTAGE.
    This summer, SCANDAL will celebrate our 17th anniversary. What a great time to get this incredible offer!
    We met with the team behind Arsenal Base and shared our thoughts and feelings before starting production on the song.
    In the game, music is played during battle scenes, where players’ emotions are heightened. Considering that, we wrote a fast-paced, danceable track.
    In the end, we combined our own thoughts and feelings with the world of Gundam. Be sure to listen to the lyrics closely!
    Please enjoy our music as you play Arsenal Base!

    Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal Base is a real-time strategy arcade card game in which players take on the role of a commander in control of five mobile suits and five pilots fighting to destroy a collection of enemy battleships. Found in many arcades across Japan, players place pilot cards on the terminal in dedicated boxes. The terminal then reads a QR code on each card. The series will soon introduce tons of new content including the LINXTAGE BATTLE system, in which two players can enter battle at the same time. Be sure to listen to a snippet of Line of Sight in the new PV!

  • SCANDAL Wraps Domestic Tour, Starts North American and European Tour in July

    16.June.2022 | MUSIC

    Following the release of their 10th album MIRROR in January 2022, all-girl band SCANDAL began their world tour in March of this year. After successfully performing 11 shows in 10 locations around Japan, the girls will be heading to North America and Europe starting in July. The final Japan performance took place at the famous Nakano Sunplaza on June 11.


    Celebrating 15 successful years in 2021, the ten-track 10th original album MIRROR includes popular singles like eternal and ivory. The album includes songs written, composed, and sung by each member, and is beloved by longtime and new fans alike. The group’s previous world tour was canceled due to the pandemic, and this will be the first time the girls have performed abroad in four years. During the group’s final show in Japan, SCANDAL performed 22 songs from both their new album and past releases, delighting longtime fans and newcomers alike.

    The concert at Nakano Sunplaza began with the title song MIRROR. The audience’s excitement only increased as the members began playing Flashback No. 5 and EVERYBODY SAY YEAH, two classic tracks. The band continued to perform songs from the new album, with some written and sung by specific members. Tracks from the beginning of SCANDAL’s career also appeared in the setlist, including Instant Sentimental, Take Me Out, and A.M.D.K.J. The show fittingly ended with one more time, the last song on MIRROR.

    SCANDAL will travel to North America in July and to Europe in September, so keep an eye out for when the girls come to your town!



  • SCANDAL Releases Music Video for 10th Anniversary Title Song ‘MIRROR’

    10.February.2022 | MUSIC

    SCANDAL’s 10th original album MIRROR was released on January 26, 2022, and ranked #5 on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart. Every album the group has released has ranked in the top five. The music video for the album’s title track, MIRROR, has finally been released!


    The song, composed by MAMI on guitar and RINA on drums, is an epic rock anthem and a perfect symbol for the album. The music video was directed by Motherfucko, who previously directed the music video for Ai ni Naranakattanosa.


    MIRROR Music Video


    MIRROR is on sale now.

  • Additional North American Dates Added to SCANDAL’s World Tour

    02.February.2022 | MUSIC

    All-girl rock band SCANDAL is celebrating 15 successful years in 2021. Their ten-track 10th original album ‘MIRROR’ was released on January 26, 2022, and includes popular singles like eternal and ivory. ‘MIRROR’ includes songs written, composed, and sung by each member, and is already beloved by longtime and new fans alike.


    The music video for the love balled Ai ni Naranakattanosa has also been unveiled. Written and composed by guitarist MAMI, it’s a song that realistically describes the sad feelings of a woman in unrequited love. The video was directed by motherfucko, who also directed the videos for Fuzzy and one more time. It also features young actors Miyu Nakamura and So Morozumi telling the story of a woman who realizes that her feelings for her boyfriend aren’t love.


    Ai ni Naranakattanosa Music Video


    SCANDAL has also announced additional shows for the North American leg of their 2022 World Tour, which is scheduled to start in March. There will be nine shows in total: Toronto, New York, Atlanta, Anaheim, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Vancouver, and Seattle. The setlist will include songs from the album as well as popular songs from the group’s history. 

  • Popular Love Song from SCANDAL’s New Album ‘MIRROR’ Now Streaming

    26.January.2022 | MUSIC

    All-girl rock band SCANDAL is celebrating 15 successful years in 2021. Their 10th original album ‘MIRROR’ was released on January 26, 2022, and the track Ai ni Naranakattanosa has become a major topic on social media. The love song is now available on music streaming platforms!


    The song was written and composed by guitarist MAMI. A song that realistically describes the sad feelings of a woman in unrequited love, the track was first performed live during the Christmas concert held on December 24, 2021. It immediately received a slew of sympathetic comments on social media, and a teaser trailer for the song’s music video has been unveiled ahead of its January 26 premiere. 


    Ai ni Naranakattanosa Teaser (YouTube Shorts)


    Those listening to the song on Spotify will be able to watch each member of SCANDAL performing on the app’s Canvas screen randomly. 


    MIRROR is now available to stream on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. Those who preordered the album received an original wallpaper.


    Those purchasing SCANDAL’s new album at participating stores will be entered into a drawing to win an autographed poster! A special exhibition will also be held at Tower Records Shibuya, Shibuya TSUTAYA, HMV&BOOKS Shibuya, Joshin Nihonbashi, and Tower Records Kyoto. TV screens at each location will display the lyrics to certain tracks on the album, bringing fans even closer to the meaning behind each song.

  • Trailer Released for SCANDAL’s 10th Album ‘Mirror’

    17.January.2022 | MUSIC

    All-girl rock band SCANDAL celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2021. On January 26, the group will release their 10th original album ‘MIRROR,’ and ahead of release, a trailer is highlighting each new track.


    Complete Song Trailer for ‘MIRROR’


    The album will come in four different editions: a standard edition, Special Edition A, Special Edition B, and a Limited Edition. The songs included will be the same for each and will include popular tracks like eternal, ivory, and one more time, as well as seven new tracks for a total of ten songs. ‘MIRROR’ will include songs written and composed by each member, and the new trailer also teases that each girl will provide main vocals for different tracks. Guitarist MAMI sings ivory, bassist TOMOMI sings The Identity of Love, drummer RINA sings She’s a Wave, and vocalist HARUNA is in charge of all other tracks.


    The latest installment of SCANDAL’s documentary series has also been posted to the group’s  YouTube channel and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album. 


    ‘“her” Diary 2021 on YouTube #12’ Documentary Series


    Those who purchase the CD will be able to watch an online live show on January 30, 2022. Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, and fans can apply to attend by preordering or purchasing ‘MIRROR” online or at select CD stores nationwide. Check the official website for details.


  • SCANDAL Releases Worldly Concept Photos for Album ‘MIRROR’

    16.December.2021 | MUSIC

    All-girl rock band SCANDAL is celebrating 15 successful years in 2021. Their 10th original album ‘MIRROR’ will be released on January 26, 2022, and the DVD and special goods included with each special edition have been revealed. 


    Special Edition A will include a DVD featuring unreleased footage from the documentary series ‘“her” Diary 2021 on YouTube.’ Newly-recorded interviews with the band members will also be included. 


    Special Edition B will come with “her Magazine Vol.3,” which was also included with the single ‘Masterpiece/Blink,’ and the group’s previous album ‘Kiss from the darkness.’ The limited edition will include a DVD with seven music videos as well as an original ‘MIRROR’ long-sleeve T-shirt (Size L). 


    Concept photos for ‘MIRROR’ have also been released, produced by art director Junya Handa. Solo concept photos of each member were released from December 13 to December 16. 


    Clear folders will also be included with the special and limited editions, with early preorder bonuses available until December 19 at 18:00. 


    “her” Diary 2021 on YouTube #11


    The newest episode of ‘“her” Diary 2021 on YouTube #11” is now available, and details the production meeting for ‘MIRROR,’ so be sure to give it a watch!


  • SCANDAL to Celebrate 15th Anniversary with New Album, World Tour

    02.December.2021 | MUSIC

    All-girl rock band SCANDAL is celebrating 15 successful years in 2021. On January 26, 2022, the group will release their 10th original album ‘MIRROR,’ their first album release since ‘Kiss from the darkness’ in February 2020. 


    The album will contain 10 songs, including the singles eternal, Ivory, and one more time, released this year. It will be available in four different versions, including a Standard Edition with the CD only, a Special Edition with a DVD, a Special Edition with a magazine, and a Limited Edition box set including a DVD and original goods. 



    Pre-orders for ‘MIRROR’ are open now, with those reserving a copy eligible to receive an original clear folder and other goods depending on the store. 


    SCANDAL has also announced their world tour, ‘SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2022 “MIRROR,” starting March 12, 2022, at the Atsugi City Cultural Hall with 11 performances in 10 cities throughout Japan. Starting in July, they will perform at five cities in North America: Toronto, New York, Atlanta, Anaheim, and Dallas. In September, they will play in Berlin, Longdon, and Paris. For ticket information, please visit SCANDAL’s official website. 


  • SCANDAL Release New Single ‘one more time’ and Share Behind the Scenes Footage

    09.October.2021 | MUSIC

    SCANDAL, who celebrated their 15th anniversary in August 2021, have released ‘one more time,’ their third single this year.


    The naturally fun song is a hopeful pop song, filled with SCANDAL’s positive mindset. The song was composed by guitarist MAMI while the lyrics were written by drummer RINA. The coupling song is an acoustic version of the title track, performed by the members during a home party, 


    Like “eternal” and “ivory,” this new single will only be available in limited quantities, with sales closing as soon as the maximum number of copies has been sold. CDs with t-shorts, cassette tapes, 7-inch records, and other goods are also available to purchase. The record has already sold out, so be sure to check out their store as soon as possible!

    The song is already available on streaming and download services, while a Twitter and Instagram campaign to win an autographed jacket sticker via lottery is currently ongoing.



    In addition, the latest episode of monthly documentary ‘”her Diary 2021 on Youtube’ has been released. The latest episode features footage of the ‘one more time’ studio recording. You can watch the group create their newest song as they share ideas and work alongside former Odoriba Soul member Hashinoto Yuta, who arranged the new song.


    “her” Diary 2021 on YouTube #09


    ‘one more time’ was first performed at the ‘SCALDAB 15th ANNIVERSARY LIVE “INVITATION” at OSAKA-JO HALL’ concert,  commemorating the groups 15th anniversary, which will be available to watch on DVD and Blu-ray on November 24. Customers will receive a free original sticker depending on where they order from, and those who pre-order the first-edition DVD will receive  a free original mask case. The deadline for the mask case campaign is on October 4, so be sure to order your copy as soon as possible.



    The ‘SCANDAL TOUR 2021 – SCANDAL BATTLE OF THE BANDS TOUR’ will be starting in Zepp Tokyo on October 3. They will be performing alongside CHAI in Tokyo, indigo la End in Sendai, Chiaki Sato in Hiroshima, and Vaundy in Fukuoka. You can find details and ticket purchase links on the SCANDAL official website.


  • SCANDAL Announce 15th Anniversary Live Show ‘INVITATION’ to be Streamed Worldwide

    03.August.2021 | MUSIC

    Tickets for SCANDAL’s 15th anniversary live concert ‘INVITATION,’ which will take place at Osaka-jo Hall on August 21, 2021, have sold out, and so the band has announced that the concert will be streamed live in Japan and 52 countries worldwide.

    The concert will be SCANDAL’s first time performing at Osaka-jo Hall since 2014. Online tickets are now on sale – more details at the band’s website.

    SCANDAL also posted their performances of Tonight and eternal from their 2021 ‘MANIA’ tour on YouTube. Check out eternal below.


    SCANDAL – Tonight 〜 eternal (Live from  SCANDAL MANIA TOUR 2021 request 2021.04.18 @Zepp Haneda)


  • SCANDAL Release New Single ‘eternal’ as They Celebrate 15th Anniversary

    07.March.2021 | MUSIC

    This year marks the 15th anniversary of J-rock band SCANDAL, and their first single to be released during this celebratory milestone is eternal which dropped on Wednesday (March 3). The single welcomes Satori Shiraishi once again as producer for the single, which includes the title track and a remix by TOWATEI.


    The single is being released as a limited edition and won’t be restocked. The 7-inch vinyl and cassette tape versions are already sold out, so fans won’t want to miss out on the CD.


    SCANDAL – “eternal” Music Video

    The music video was directed by Oudai Kojima and features beautiful, close-up shots of the band members with snow falling.


    eternal is also available to listen to on all major music streaming and download servies.