Idol Group SPR5 From Video Game Shoumetsu Toshi Release New Music Video

21.November.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

Shoumetsu Toshi is a popular action RPG mobile game developed and published by Wright Flyer Studios with 9.5 million downloads worldwide. An idol unit by the name of SPR5 features in the game. A live broadcast that aired on Nico Nico Live announced new information regarding the group.


Firstly, a music video for their song Alcyone was released from their upcoming anticipated album Supreme Revolution which is set to hit shelves on January 9, 2019. A new artist photo for the album was also released. Limited edition copies of the album include a DVD with the music video and its making-of.


Alcyone Music Video

The group’s track Five! Suspects! from the album where each member introduces themselves was also released officially on YouTube. A single-cut version of the track will be sold for ¥500 (tax included) at upcoming SPR5 events. Details TBA.


Five! Suspects!

An anime illustration of SRP5 for the upcoming 2019 adaptation of Shoumetsu Toshi has also been unveiled, showcasing the five members on stage looking up towards their dreams.

Be sure to keep up to date with Shoumetsu Toshi and SPR5 as we move towards 2019.