Starbucks Japan Releases Winter Themed Mugs & Tumbler from ‘You Are Here’ Collection

24.November.2018 | SPOT

The ‘You Are Here’ collection is a series of drinking vessels by Starbucks that captures and invites people to the beauty of countries around the world. With designs from over 20 countries and cities worldwide, this line of mugs and tumblers has become something of a collector’s item for world travellers as each item is unique to each country. They make for popular souvenirs.


Starbucks have drawn inspiration from Mount Fuji, sushi, cherry blossoms, daruma and other symbols for their Japanese designs.

The newest designs from the collection in Japan are winter themed. There are two mugs and a tumbler to pick from and feature wintry imagery from Japan like a snow-fallen Mount Fuji, a castle, daruma, camellia flowers and hot pot. The inside of the vessels is a chilly light blue colour to further evoke that winter vibe.


These mugs make for the perfect addition to the home or office for your coffee break and even more so as souvenirs from Japan.