Japan’s first collaboration with Ariana ー Get ready for “SHIBUYA 109 loves Ariana Grande”

19.May.2016 | MUSIC

Look out for “SHIBUYA 109 loves Ariana Grande” ー the new collaboration between Ariana Grande and Shibuya 109 to celebrate the release of her new album “Dangerous Woman” which goes on sale from 20th May!


From Thursday 19th May 〜 Sunday 19th June, Japan’s first Ariane Grande official shop will be open! As the first part of this epic collaboration, Ariana Grande’s new shop will be selling her new album “Dangerous Woman” amongst other previous albums, T-shirts, bags and more from Ariana’s official merchandise range!


As fans excitedly await Ariana’s arrival in Japan in June, the news of her collaboration is spreading! Inside the shop, there is a commemoration photo area where fans can take pictures to join in the celebration! The pictures that are taken can be uploaded to social networking sites as part of Ariana Grande’s mosaic art! Get ready for a shopping experience you will never get tired of!!


SHIBUYA 109 will hold their commemoration event at the storefront’s event space on Friday 20th May, when the album is released for sale. On this day, there will be plenty for fans to keep on the look out for, such as the original Instagram frame which will be located inside the store. Ariana Grande will also be showcased on a screen for fans to watch and enjoy. In addition to this, a limited number of original fans will be distributed in the store, so there is plenty to enjoy!



Ariana Grande Shop

Limited period: Thursday 19th May ~ Sunday 19th June 2016 *The shop will not close on any day during this period.
Location:  SHIBUYA109 5th floor  2 Chome-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043


■Product information
Ariana Grande 『Dangerous Woman』
Released for sale on Friday 20th May 2016 at the same time around the world.


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  • Ariana Grande’s new single ‘Focus’ features popular Japanese doll series Licca-chan in the Japanese version!

    25.March.2016 | MUSIC

    Ariana Grande’s new single ‘Focus’ from her long awaited 3rd album ‘Dangerous Woman’, which is set to be released worldwide on Friday 20th May 2016, has a special surprise in store for the Japanese version!


    The music video version to be released in Japan of ‘Focus’ is the result of a dream collaboration for Ariana Grande — accompanying her in her music video will be nationwide little star Licca-chan. Licca-chan (Licca Kayama) is a popular Japanese doll series, which has soaked in the same glory as Barbie has in the West.


    The admiration that Ariana Grande held for Licca-chan became her motivation for this collaboration and for Licca-chan, having collaboration with an overseas artist is also a unique first-time.



    On Licca-chan’s official Twitter, she wrote a comment about her appearance in the filming of the music video: “I made an appearance in our beloved Ariana Grande’s music video! I’m so happy! My heart was racing with excitement when I was filmed wearing adult clothing! ♪ Hehehe!♥”


    In the music video, Licca-chan sits in a bedroom and similar to the much admired Ariana Grande in her official music video, the story of stepping out into the world and being noticed was still maintained. Switching between 3 different patterns of costumes during the filming, the “Ariana Licca-chan” image was released to the world along with the dance for ‘Focus’.



    Ariana GrandeOfficial site:http://www.universal-music.co.jp/ariana-grande/