Gudetama and Goma-chan to Hold First Collaboration at Gudetama Cafe

21.December.2018 | FOOD

Located just a three-minute walk from Umeda Station is HEP FIVE, a shopping mall that is home to the Gudetama Cafe themed entirely on the popular Sanrio character of the same name. For the first time ever, everybody’s favourite lazy egg is collaboration with Goma-chan from the popular comedy manga Shonen Ashibe.


The two characters will get their own themed menu from January 7 to February 17 next year. Four delicious and cute-looking items will feature on the menu.

Gudetama & Goma-chan Stew: ¥1,150 (+Tax)

This chicken cream stew takes on a light blue colour which represents the ocean. It is filled with fish shaped carrots and stars which surround Goma-chan in the middle who is swimming with Gudetama on his back. You can rest assured that both your heart and stomach will be warmed by this meal.


Gudetama & Goma-chan Hamburger Plate: ¥1,250 (+Tax)

The Goma-chan white bun is a fish burger while the Gudetama carrot bun is a cheeseburger. Both come with cute Ashibe flags and both are served to you so you definitely won’t go home hungry.


Gudetama & Goma-chan Water Stream Cake: ¥1,250  (+Tax)

Sweet-tooths out there will love this sweet sponge cake topped with whipped cream and featuring Goma-chan’s face. It’s served with a mango ice cream Gudetama and surrounded by melon jelly and assorted fruit.

Gudetama & Goma-chan Chocolate Latte: ¥650 (+Tax)

There’s of course a drink option too: a hot and frothy chocolate latte with Goma-chan and Gudetama art, perfect for teatime or post-meal.

Diners at the cafe will receive a free lunch mat and sticker, and if you order the drink you’ll get a coaster too.

Also, if you head on up to the Sanrio shop Sanrio Vivitix up on floor 4F of HEP FIVE you can get an exchange coupon. Show this at the cafe to receive a campaign. These are limited in quantity so be sure to get in there quick!