Suzuko Mimori Releases CD Covers & Teaser Video For New Mini Album ‘holiday mode’

22.December.2018 | MUSIC

Japanese singer Suzuko Mimori has revealed the CD covers for each edition of her upcoming mini album holiday mode which is set to hit shelves on February 20, 2019.

Blu-ray Limited Edition

DVD Limited Edition

The album will come in a regular edition and two limited editions. Each cover features radiant and easy-going photos of Mimori spending a relaxing time on holiday – just as the album’s title suggests.

Regular Edition

A teaser for the song Hoshikuzu no Curtain (“Stardust Curtain”)from the forthcoming album was posted last month, and now a new video for the song Chutta Shugarin has been posted. The song was written, composed and arranged by Mitsuki Tokuda who is working with Mimori for the first time. Check out the jaunty track below.



Events will be held at 14 branches of Animate and Gamers in Japan to promote the album. An exhibition of panels from the music video along with a comment from Mimori herself will be displayed. Additionally, official Suzuko Mimori merchandise is available to those who purchase or order the album at these stores.