Harajuku’s Famous Roll Ice Cream Factory Announces New Kyoto Branch

06.January.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

The Harajuku-based ice cream shop Roll Ice Cream Factory will open a new branch in Shinkyogoku, Kyoto on January 11, 2019. It will also collaborate with Kyoto’s long-standing confectionery shop Takanoya Sadahiro to release a limited edition product. By opening in Kyoto, a tourist hot spot, word about Japan’s cute and refreshingly tasty “rolled ice cream” will spread even faster to the people of the world.

Shinkyogoku runs along Sanjo Street to Shijo Street. It is a lively area that bustles with young people and tourists. It is also home to the popular Nishiki Market where people come far and wide to get their hands on Kyoto’s famous foods and goods.

Exclusive Kyoto Menu Item: “Matcha Kyoto 2019” – ¥850 (Tax Included)

To commemorate the new branch’s opening Roll Ice Cream Factory is joining delectable hands with Kyoto’s traditional Japanese sweet shop Takanoya Sadahiro to release the “Matcha Kyoto 2019” ice cream, a nod and celebration to the new year. It’s decorated with a pig shaped confection in line with the 2019 year of the pig.

If you’re planning a trip to Kyoto this new year then be sure to visit Roll Ice Cream Factory to get your hands on their special limited-edition ice cream.