Contemporary Japanese Artist Yasuto Sasada to Collaborate With Fashion Brand Ground Y

07.January.2019 | FASHION

Yasuto Sasada is a Japanese artist equipped with a collection of super thin 0.3 coloured ball-point pens who creates imaginative and breathtaking pieces that combine elements of ancient beliefs and mythology. He is set to collaborate with Ground Y from January 11.


On their website, Ground Y describes themselves as proposing a new fashion concept – formed of both a genderless and ageless style – through synchronizing different aspects of Yohji Yamamoto. This is the brand’s fourth collaboration, on from their geisha series in 2014, girl series in 2015 and camouflage series in 2016.

The new theme Mikkyō or “esoteric Buddhism” was created by Yasuto Sasada who took inspiration from saṃsāra―the six realms of existence―and the bird deity Garuda. Filipino-Japanese actress Elaiza Ikeda and Japanese actor and model Sho Kiyohara feature in the collection’s promotional visuals. A promotional video was also posted across Ground Y’s official social media pages.

This collection is also available as part of the toy line BE@RBRICK in limited quantities. An exhibition entitled Y will also take place in Ginza with products based around the letter “Y” including the one in Yasuto Sasada’s name as well as Ground Y.