Popular Japanese artists to perform at SACRA MUSIC FES.2019 -NEW GENERATION-!

12.January.2019 | MUSIC

SACRA MUSIC is a new, up-and-coming sub-label of Sony Music that works on a global scale. From Saturday 18th May to Sunday 19th May, the “SACRA MUSIC FES.2019 –NEW GENERATION-” will take place. They have already started selling advanced tickets at lightning speed. Event performers include ASCA, Mashiro Ayano, =LOVE, Luna Kaguya, GARNiDELiA, ClariS, Soma Saito, SawanoHiroyuki[nZk], Sangatsu no Phantasia, Spira Spica, TrySail, halca, PENGUIN RESEARCH, ReoNa and many more of the latest artists that belong to the “new generation” of music.


SACRA MUSIC’s first ever live music event to celebrate music from its own label was “SACRA MUSIC FES”. Many fans have been expressing their undying and overwhelming excitement for SACRA MUSIC for a long time now! There’s no doubt that this upcoming live will cause just as much widespread excitement!

 SACRA MUSIC works with a wide range of artists including anime song artists and artists who go on tour in Japan and overseas. They also work with rock bands, voice actors, virtual singers and even idols! As SACRA MUSIC is a leading label in practically every musical genre, the term “up-and-coming” is very appropriate!


The advanced ticket sales end at 23:59 on Sunday 20th January, so if you’re interested please check it out!

SACRA MUSIC is also selling a new, sensational mix CD called “MiX ~面白いほどよくわかるノンストッ プ SACRA MUSIC~” (Mix – Omoshiroi hodo yoku wakaru nonstop SACRA MUSIC) from Wednesday 23rd January.  This CD comes with the chance to enter a special draw for a tickets to the live! The CD contains a nonstop DJ mix of 35 songs by 20 SACRA MUSIC artist groups. If you listen to this CD and attend the concert, you’re sure to enjoy your experince to the max!


This event is the perfect opportunity to catch SACRA MUSIC artists all condensed into one live!