Shingo Katori’s art exhibition “BOUM! BOUM! BOUM! Shingo Katori NIPPON hatsukoten” to be held at Toyosu, Tokyo

11.January.2019 | SPOT

For an 88 day period from Friday 15th March 2019 t0 Sunday 16th June, Katori’s exhibition will take place at IHI Stage Around Tokyo. This is the only theatre in Japan to have a 360-degree stage with a rotating seating platform in the centre.

“BOUM!” is the French word for “boom!” and is an onomatopoeia that can be used to describe the thudding of a heartbeat. In September 2018, Japanese artist Katori displayed his first solo exhibition called “NAKAMA des ARTS” at Carrousel du Louvre, which is located on the basement floor of the Louvre art museum in France. Here, Katori displayed more than 100 art paintings. This year, Katori will be building on the theme of breaking through the boundary of common knowledge. The exhibition will include art you can explore and experience with your bodily senses!

For Katori and those who appreciate experiencing and enjoying the aesthetics of art, this exhibition is bound to make your heart race! Those attending the exhibition will be spinning around 360 degrees, enjoying the unique, artistic atmosphere of IHI Stage ARound Tokyo – expectations are high!