Pokémon Themed Clothing Releasing From Japanese Brand Glamb

29.January.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

Glamb is a Japanese brand whose concept “Grunge for Luxury” centres on elegant rock fashion. Pokémon fans will be excited to see their new line-up of 27 original clothing items.


The line-up includes sneakers and knitwear that incorporates elements of Pokémon into their designs, t-shirts and iPhone cases with illustrated graphics on them and more. Each item is a combination of fashion and culture that caters up and down the generational lineage of Pokémon fans for both kids and adults to enjoy.

GB0119/PK20 Pikachu Sneakers: ¥27,000 (Tax Included) – Late May 2019

Sizes: Men’s – 25.5cm, 26.5cm, 27.5cm, 28.5cm / Women’s 22.5cm, 23.5cm, 24.5cm

Pikachu fanatics won’t be able to resist these shark sole sneakers. Fusing Pikachu parts from the ears, tail and colouring, this pika-pair is made with soft high-quality material reminiscent of plush toys.


GB0119/PK15 Pikachu Knit  & PK16 Jigglypuff Knit: ¥18,360 Each (Tax Included) – Late April 2019

Sizes: Adult 0-4 / Children’s 90-120 (¥9,720)

These iconic knitted jumpers are a 360° encapsulation of Pikachu and Jigglypuff. Coming in both adult and children’s sizes, both versions are made from nylon fibre, making them extremely soft to touch.

GB0119/PK05 Pikachu T: ¥7,452 (Tax Included) – Late March 2019

Sizes: Adult 0-4 / Children’s 90-120 (¥3,780)

This t-shirt features fan favourite Pikachu drawn in a classical watercolour style. Glamb excels at design – their name is synonymous with drip painting, graffiti and stencil.

GB0119/PK06 Eevee Pocket T: ¥7,452 (Tax Included) – Late March 2019

Sizes: Adult 0-4

Also in the line-up is this t-shirt with Eevee peeping out of the pocket. The design also includes its name written in a classical font to give the t-shirt a sophisticated touch.

There are plenty of other items to get your hands on too including jeans, a long t-shirt, iPhone case and more. Check Glamb’s official website for more.