Idol Group CY8ER Announce New Single ‘Dead Boy, Dead Girl’

31.January.2019 | MUSIC

Five-member Japanese idol unit CY8ER has announced that they will release three consecutive singles on CD over the next three months.


Today marks a whole year since they dropped their first album Hello New Generation on January 31, 2018―which you can listen to over on Spotify right now with all 8 of its catchy tunes.


The group performed at Shinpakusuu San Ichi Hachi Tokyo at Shibuya WOMB tonight alongside Yunomi and KOTONOHOUSE where they revealed the release of their new single Dead Boy, Dead Girl for February 26. They will promote the record with a string of release events in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

Produced by CY8ER’s sound producer Yunomi, the song is themed on death and afterlife while also touching strongly on “being saved.”


The group will follow up with two more singles releasing on March 26 and April 23 respectively. CY8ER will support the three singles with their biggest solo concert to date at Tokyo Dome City Hall titled CY8ER DEATH MATCH on June 23.

Group member Ichigo Rinahamu gave the following statement regarding the forthcoming single: “Sorry to keep you waiting! We are finally releasing our first CD in a year, Dead Boy Dead Girl. CY8ER tends to get thought of as a group that sings about happy things. When Yunomi suggested making the next theme about death there were some links because I have written about it once CY8ER’s lyrics before. I’ll be happy if people listen to the new song along with everything CY8ER has done up to now.”


Further details surrounding the upcoming singles will be made public on CY8ER’s official website and social media pages.