Ryo Ishikawa & Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Final ‘Denim by Vanquish & Fragment’ Collection Arrives

21.February.2019 | FASHION

Denim by Vanquish & Fragment is a collaborative brand between fashion brand Vanquish and Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment Design. The final collection of the line―the 19S/S Collection―is set to go on sale on February 23, 2019.


Denim by Vanquish & Fragment was first made public at the Vanquish 2011 Spring/Summer Collection fashion show in 2010. The following year, in 2011, the brand arrived at Vanquish stores. It has now been on the market for 9 years.

1st Collaborative Denim Line From 2011

The 19S/S Collection incorporates neon colours in its designs with the brand’s iconic denim pants as the main apparel. It includes the first women’s denim line as well as a range of accessories like an 18K chain and other miscellaneous items such as mugs and a luggage box. Those who purchase “DENIM BY” items in the line will also receive a free novelty. These are limited in stock.


A pop-up store will also open to commemorate the final collection.

Denim Pants: Straight / Tapered / Wide / Skinny / Angle Cut / Jogger Pants

Women’s Denim Pants: Rigid Tapered / Skinny


Don’t miss out on the final collection of this hugely popular and well-recognised collaborative brand.