MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Goes To Fuji Rock 2016

03.August.2016 | FEATURES

This year Fuji Rock celebrated their 20th year anniversary, receiving yet another smashing response as the number of overseas Fuji Rock fans continue to increase year after year. To jump in on this celebratory occasion, we made our way to Fuji Rock and heard some wonderful stories from the visiting crowd on their fun and exciting experience at the venue!


【1】3 exchange students from Italy and their Japanese friend

This was the first time we have ever been to Fuji Rock. The atmosphere is the best! The hospitality of the Japanese is also top-notch! Everyone is nice to us and we are enjoying the festival atmosphere!

…Isn’t this shirt great? It’s very popular and everyone here is praising me for its boobs-themed design!



【2】Fan from the US

I had so much fun. I came to like Japanese festivals! I came dressed to impress in a Singha-themed T-shirt and socks, and I am wearing my sun visor the wrong way round for extra appeal! EGO-WRAPPIN’ were awesome!


【3】2 fans from Oslo, Norway

We’ve been coming to Fuji Rock every single summer for 6 years now. The shining jewel of this year’s performance was BABYMETAL. For Fuji Rock, I coordinated my outfit by wearing a PEZ accessory!

The location of Fuji Rock is the best!


【4】Two British tourists

This is our first experience at Fuji Rock.

We have never seen such a clean and tidy festival!

The food and drinks here are delicious!

Other Japanese fans who attended the festival are very friendly and kind, so making friends with them here is really fun!



【5】 An Australian and Austrian couple

There were a variety of different areas where different artists performed — we had so much fun! There were so many amazing bands and I can’t choose a favourite! We also really like Japanese artists!

Other comments:

The atmosphere of the venue was great — to hold an event like this amongst the nature felt awesome!

It was so much fun to see lots of Japanese bands for the first time like this!

The toilets and other facilities were so clean! It was very surprising!

Everybody at the venue was making the effort to ensure that they were separating their rubbish correctly. It was amazing to see that there was no rubbish on the ground!



2016.07.22-24 (Fri-Sun)
OPEN 09:00/START 11:00/CLOSE 23:00(予定)
Yuzawa, Niigata  Naeba Ski Resort