Sweets-themed event to celebrate “The Prince of Tennis 2” to open in Ikebukuro!

23.February.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

Theme park Namco Namja Town is collaborating with manga/anime series new “The Prince of Tennis” to hold the event “The Prince of Tennis 2 Sweet Party in Namja Town”. This will take place for a limited time only from Friday 1st March to Sunday 14th April 2019.

This event will feature the 2018 Happy Summer Valentine, where the characters are ranked from 1-10 in a Namja Town illustration. There are also mini-games where participants can get their hands on original goods and gifts. There are also meals and desserts based on the characters from the manga, and a photo spot where you can hear recordings of the characters saying lines that you cannot and never will hear anywhere else! What a special event! On Tuesday 2nd April, there will be a talk show featuring Yuki Kaida; the anime voice actress of Syusuke Fuji.


※ 1… “The Prince of Tennis 2” characters Valentine’s Day chocolate rankings revealed!

Ryoma Echizen Grape Ponta ¥870 (price includes tax)

Keigo Atobe no naru hodo blue jelly sundae ¥870 (price includes tax)

Kazuya Tokugawa black hall Japanese-style pasta ¥930 (price includes tax)

Happy Birthday!! Syusuke Fuji’s tensai plate ¥880 (price includes tax)

Only available from:Friday 1st March ー Sunday 17th March 

Happy Birthday!! Kuranosuke Shiraishi’s perfect plate ¥880 (price includes tax)

Only available from Sat 30/03 ー Sun 14/04 


The Prince of Tennis 2-themed mains and desserts are also available. As Syusuke Fuji and Kuranosuke Shiraishi’s birthday will occur during the event period, there will be a limited birthday menu too! If you purchase one item off these limited edition menus, you will receive a free illustration sheet!

Prize A:Tote bag(Only one design available)

Winner’s prize:Round-edged tin badge (10 varieties available)


There is also a limited edition mini candy game called “Candy Kuji” (500Y per go) which is a candy lottery with a wide range of candy you can win! Pick your favourite from the panel. You will also receive this candy in a bag with a handle that matches the colour of your candy!


The “Ametama Hakobi” mini-game involves scooping out candy from one place and packing it into a container (¥400 per go). If you can fill the container with the target weight of candy, you win!


A Namja Town-limited life-size board illustration will also be placed inside the park. If you insert a “sweets card” into the present box (プレゼントお預かりBOX) located near the life-size illustration board, the characters on the board will speak to you!


In addition, on Friday 1st March and Sunday 14th April respectively, Syusuke Fuji’s and Kuranosuke Shiraishi’s special birthday-themed messages will play. These birthday messages will only play on the respective dates mentioned above! One Sweets Card will be presented to those who play the mini-game “Candy Kuji” three times. You will receive two Sweets cards if you play five times!

Sweets pouch with acrylic charm, one design available,  ¥2,500 (price includes tax)

※ There are 10 varieties of acrylic charm. One acrylic charm is attached per pouch at random.


You can also purchase original goods here ー please check them out!


To commemorate “The Prince of Tennis 2 Sweets Party in Namja Town”, there will be a talk show featuring Yuki Kaida; the anime voice actress of  Syusuke Fuji. Fans of the anime and manga just won’t be able to contain their excitement! From corner to corner, this event is packed with fun!