Disney Store and Francfranc to celebrate the live-action Dumbo with new Dumbo-themed goods!

05.March.2019 | FASHION

To commemorate the release of the Dumbo live-action film, there is a new lineup of Dumbo-themed goods that will be released in Disney Stores nationwide from Friday 15th March. These goods will also be available slightly earlier (from Friday 8th March) on the online store. Japanese furniture and home décor company Francfranc are also releasing their own Dumbo original design series which will be sold at all Francfranc stores and on their online store from Friday 15th March. There will be a limited number of these items in stock. The items will not be selling at Francfranc BAZAR.


Disney Store

Bag ¥3,900 (+tax)

Cushion ¥3,000 (+tax)

Umbrella ¥2,500 (+tax)

Wallet ¥4,000 (+tax)


The design for this collection depicts hand-drawn circus illustrations that are filled with the many distinctive colours a circus tent. The bag’s illustrations and its white and red stripe patterns against the black background are just some of the features that give this bag a modern touch. The thickness of the materials and golden tassels prove its high quality. Other items in the lineup include a cushion with a tapestry-like design and gold embroidery, and a large umbrella with an illustration on the inside. These items are sure to accent your look and are perfect for a range of themes.



(From the left) Disney Dumbo pencil case ¥1,500 /Flat pouch ¥1,800 /Square pouch ¥1,800

Disney Dumbo multicase ー ¥2,500

Disney Dumbo cup lid pink & blue/ pink & green ー ¥1,000 each

Disney Dumbo Hankerchief Towel blue/pink ー ¥1,000 (each)


Francfranc portrays the world of Dumbo and the circus stage in a slightly retro-pop style. This original item lineup consists of fun pouches and cute cup lids with Dumbo as the grip to cleverly depict Dumbo on the roof of a circus! These items would make the perfect gift!


Enjoy the adorable Dumbo and this fantastical world that is packed into these goods ー and don’t forget to watch the movie!