CAPCOM CAFE AEON Lake Town releases limited Devil May Cry 5 collaboration menu!

08.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

From Thursday 7th March to Wednesday 24th April 2019, the CAPCOM CAFE will be celebrating the new release of “Devil May Cry 5” ; the action-adventure game developed by Capcom. The new release is due on Friday 8th March and to celebrate, the cafe is releasing a collaboration menu!


※  ①Devil May Cry plate ¥1,480 ② Red Orb curry ¥1,380 ③ Devil Trigger Roast Beef- don ¥1,480 

④ Three Beasts Sweets ¥1,100 ⑤ Nico¥800 ⑥ Lady ¥800 ⑦ Trish ¥800

※ Prices before tax


There is also a burger based on the Devil Breaker weapon “Overture” (¥1,380 + tax), a three-tier collaboration dessert stand (¥2,000 + tax), and drinks themed around each of the new stylish devil hunters Nero, Dante and V. There’s so much more on the menu so please check the official website for more information.

If you order from the collaboration menu, you will receive the luncheon mat in the picture on the left above! If you order a drink on top of that, you will receive an original coaster! One of the 10 designs from the picture on the right will be given to you at random.


Capcom cafe is currently taking advanced online reservations so don’t delay! Please visit the official website to claim your seats now!