Limited number of spring panda-themed Japanese crackers selling at Ueno station!

07.March.2019 | Uncategorized

From Friday 15th March, Ecute Ueno, which is a shop located inside Ueno station, will be selling a limited number of spring panda-themed Keishindo shrimp crackers for the first time!


Panda no Tayori (Spring) 5 individually wrapped crackers ¥648/8 individually wrapped crackers ¥1,080/16 individually wrapped crackers ¥2,160 (prices include tax)
Sold at:Ueno Ecute (Inside Ueno Station ー open for a limited time only)


These senbei crackers are packed tightly with shrimp flavour. The crackers are decorated with the image of a panda and a panda cub watching the spring cherry blossoms.


It is not only the rich flavour of the shrimp cracker that makes it so appealing but also the vivid colours and prints. The inks used for the prints use natural ingredients for their colours such as red yeast rice and cape jasmine. Whoever you give this to as a present can rest assured they are consuming healthy ingredients. 



Tokyo fried shrimp (Tokyo-limited) 5 individually wrapped  ¥540/10 individually wrapped ¥1,080/ 20 individually wrapped ¥2,160 (tax included) 


There is also another standard product for sale. This senbei cracker is filled with shrimp paste flavouring and then flash fried. As a famous Tokyo treat, the packaging is also decorated colourfully and the design is rather popular.

Ebi Zukushi 6 packets + 2 trays ¥2,160/ 11 packets + 2 trays ¥3,240/ 13packets + 4 trays ¥ 5,400 (prices include tax)

Keishindo’s unique shrimp products are a one and only, allowing you to indulge in a variety of shrimp flavours including Japanese shrimp, sweet shrimp, shiba shrimp, botan shrimp and aka shrimp.

These are not only the perfect Tokyo souvenir, but also a great way to thank your host when you visit someone. If you’re interested, definitely try them out!