Tully’s Coffee Releases Limited Time Fruity Spring Drinks

09.March.2019 | FOOD

Tully’s Coffee has revealed that it will release hot and iced variants of two new drinks on March 15: the Banana Caramel Crunch Latte and &TEA Peach Confiture Royal Milk Tea.

Banana Caramel Crunch Latte (Hot/Iced) – Short: ¥490 / Tall: ¥550 / Grande ¥610

The Banana Caramel Crunch Latte is made with fresh espresso, banana whipped cream and salted caramel sauce to create a rich latte. The banana whipped cream is the first to come from Tully’s and serves to bring together the tasty balance of the latte.


The mellow saltiness of the salted caramel sauce elevates the flavour of the banana and, when mixed together with the coffee, creates an unending delicious flavour that calls to early springtime. It’s topped with crunchy almonds for added texture.

&TEA Peach Confiture Royal Milk Tea (Hot/Iced) – Short: ¥490 / Tall: ¥550 / Grande ¥610

The peach tea uses Tully’s signature royal milk tea and adds a peach coloured confiture that reminds one of spring. The confiture melts into the milk tea and creates a fruity, melt-in-the-mouth flavour. Combined with frothy whipped cream, this beverage has a gentle sweetness that fills your mouth.


Take ahold of spring with these two limited-time fruity drinks.


  • Grand Front Osaka to Hold Harry Potter Christmas Event

    28.October.2022 | MOVIE / SPOT

    The Grand Front Osaka mall has announced an incredible Christmas celebration in collaboration with the magical world of Harry Potter! Fans will want to visit the massive shopping center between November 10 and December 25 to take part in the festivities.

    Standard Decorations

    Showtime Decorations

    Harry Potter-Inspired Decorations


    The highlight of the event is the 13-meter-tall Christmas Tree, which will be set up on the first floor of the mall’s North Building. The tree will be decorated with Harry Potter-inspired ornaments like moving staircases and window frames, which will look as though they are floating in the air. At night, a light show will take place around the tree, complete with projections inspired by the four houses of Hogwarts. 

    Decorated Ted E. Bear

    Stamp Rally Card

    House Flag Decorations

    Tully’s Coffee and Harry Potter Collaboration Goods and Menu


    Special Harry Potter-themed decorations will be attached to many trees in the area around the nearby Umekita Plaza, and fans can also find a Harry Potter panel exhibition. An Instagram photo campaign will be held in which visitors can enter to win collab merch, so don’t miss out!


    Come make some magical memories at this Harry Potter event in Osaka this winter.

  • Tully’s Coffee Serving Harry Potter Themed Drinks and Merch for a Limited Time

    12.November.2021 | FOOD / MOVIE

    One of Japan’s most popular coffee chains is serving up some extra magic this holiday season! Tully’s Coffee is teaming up with J.K. Rowling’s beloved series Harry Potter for new and unique drink and merch items, including the Harry Potter Treacle Tart Latte, a Hedwig-themed Stainless Steel Tumbler, and more. The collab will begin at 25 Tully’s locations in the Marunouchi, Tokyo area starting November 11, 2021. Certain goods will also be exclusive to the Tully’s online store, and Tully’s locations nationwide will begin selling Harry Potter goods starting November 26, 2021.


    Harry Potter Treacle Tart Latte

    Original Silicone Sleeve


    Goods at a Glance



    Online-Only Merchandise

    Harry Potter Birthday Mug

    Harry Potter Birthday Reusable Bag

    Harry Potter Magical Map Picture Book

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

    Tully’s Coffee operates around 750 stores around Japan, and this ‘Magical Coffee Time’ event will bring some much-needed magic to the country this winter. 


    The special drink for the campaign is the Harry Potter Treacle Tart Latte, inspired by Harry and his friends’ favorite molasses-filled treacle tart from the book series. The Harry Potter films are celebrating their 20th anniversary, so the numerous goods available are a great way to celebrate this story beloved by people around the world.