Pompompurin Café Celebrates Pompompurin’s Birthday With Special Menu

08.March.2019 | FOOD

Pompompurin’s birthday falls on April 16, and to celebrate, the Harajuku, Umeda, Yokohama and Nagoya branches of the Pompompurin Café will hold a birthday event from March 15 to April 30.

Happy Birthday! Celebratory Hamburger Plate With Cake: ¥1,490 (Before Tax)

The cake served on this plate―which a rice ball Purin is staring at with hungry eyes―is made from a hamburger and a layer of mashed potato. It’s coated in a melty cheese sauce and decorated with beautiful roses made from walleye pollack roe mashed potato. It both looks cute and is sure to satisfy hungry bellies.


Celebratory Cheese Pudding: ¥600 (Before Tax)

For dessert, fans of the popular Sanrio character can look forward to a rich and creamy cheese pudding of Purin wearing a light pink strawberry whipped cream hat. It’s served with a side of strawberry sauce and fruits.

Lunch Mat / Postcard


Ordering from the food menu will get you an exclusive birthday lunch mat and postcard while getting a drink will get you a coaster. These will be discounted once all have been given out so don’t miss out.


Head to the Pompompurin Café to celebrate Purin’s 23rd birthday!