Little Glee Monster to Perform TV Anime MIX’s Ending Theme

09.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

It has been announced that Little Glee Monster’s new song Kimi ni Todoku Made will be used as the ending theme for the upcoming TV anime series MIX set to begin airing on April 6, 2019.

MIX is a baseball manga series written and illustrated by Mitsuru Adachi and a follow up to his other manga series Touch which it is set 30 years after.


Little Glee’s new song was composed by Yoshiki Mizuno of Ikimono-gakari who also worked on the group’s 2018 track Natsu ni Natte Utae.

Talking about their tie-up with the series, Little Glee Monster’s Karen said the following: “We are honoured to be in charge of this song for MIX, a follow-up to Touch loved by guys and girls of all ages and known by everyone. We didn’t watch Touch when it originally aired, so we hope that our song serves as an introduction to the series to those in our generation who also haven’t seen it. We will put our all into singing this song for the series, Little Glee style.”


  • Concert Review: Little Glee Monster Perform Solo Shows in Taiwan & Hong Kong

    17.July.2018 | MUSIC

    Five-member female vocal group Little Glee Monster performed their first-ever overseas solo tour Little Glee Monster Asia Tour 2018 – juice!!!!! – in Taiwan and Hong Kong.


    The girls performed at Legacy Taipei in Taiwan on July 14 and Music Zone@E-Max in Hong Kong on July 15. Over 500 fans flocked to each venue, including fans from Japan.

    The group put on a captivating performance for fans with a set that included their classic live a capella funk melody, their popular cover song Jupiter, their new song Sekai wa Anata ni Waraikaketeiru set for release on August 1, and more.

    They even performed covers of songs from each respective country. In Taiwan, they spoke about their dining experiences in the city at night and showed off their knowledge of popular phrases in Taiwanese taught to them by the local staff. They also pumped up everyone by shouting “Sing!” in Taiwanese.

    The tour marked Little Glee’s first real step into the world as a group, and they certainly left their mark with fans with each of their phenomenal voices.

    Sekai wa Anata ni Waraikaketeiru will be released on August 1 for Coca Cola’s 2018 image song. In September, the group will also embark on their biggest ever Japan tour.


    Little Glee Monster – “Sekai wa Anata ni Waraikaketeiru” Short Ver.


    Little Glee Monster continue to drawn in fans overseas. Stay tuned to see what they get up to next.



    Release Information

    “Sekai wa Anata ni Waraikaketeiru”

    First Press Limited Edition A (CD+DVD) – ¥2,000 (Tax Included) [SRCL-9820~1]

    First Press Limited Edition A (CD+DVD) – ¥1,700 (Tax Included) [SRCL-9822~3]

    Regular Edition (CD-Only) – ¥1,300 (Tax Included) [SRCL-9824]



    Tour Schedule

    Little Glee Monster Live Tour 2018~Calling!!!!!◆

    9.24 @ Olympus Hall Hachioji, Tokyo

    9.29 @ Theater Nanyou Hall, Yamagata Prefecture

    9.30 @ Hokujoshi Bunkakoryu Center Sakura Hall, Iwate Prefecture

    10.06 @ Act City Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture

    10.08 @ ROHM Theatre Kyoto Main Hall, Kyoto

    10.13 @ Wakwak Holiday Hall, Hokkaido

    10.21 @ Tokyo International Forum Hall A, Tokyo

    10.23 @ Festival Hall, Osaka

    10.24 @ Festival Hall, Osaka

    10.27 @ Okayama City Hall, Okayama Prefecture

    10.28 @ Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall, Hiroshima Prefecture

    11.03 @ Koichi Prefectural Culture Hall, Orange Hall, Aichi Prefecture

    11.04 @ Matsuyama Civic Center, Ehime Prefecture

    11.06 @ Mie Prefecture Culture Hall, Mie Prefecture

    11.10 @ Mori no Hall 21, Chiba Prefecture

    11.17 @ Shunan-shi Bunkakaikan, Yamaguchi Prefecture

    11.18 @ Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall, Fukuoka Prefecture

    11.25 @ Hokuto Bunka Hall, Nagano Prefecture

    12.01 @ Hitachi City Hall, Ibaraki Prefecture

    12.02 @ Utsunomiya Bunka Kaikan, Tochigi Prefecture

    12.07 @ Koriyama City Cultural Center, Fukushima Prefecture

    12.09 @ Kiryu City Community Hall, Gunma Prefecture

    12.19 @ Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall, Aichi Prefecture

    Tour Website:


    Little Glee Monster Official Website:


  • Do you know about the immensely popular vocal group Little Glee Monster?

    02.October.2016 | MUSIC

    Once you hear their beautiful vocal harmonies, you won’t be able to get them out of your head! Their name is Little Glee Monster, a female vocal group that will charm any person with their wonderful voices. For those of you who don’t know Little Glee Monster, let me introduce them to you.


    Their average age is 17, and their instrument is their vocal harmonies

    They go by the name of Little Glee Monster, or “Little Glee” for short. They are an idol group made up of high school girls who formed as a result of an audition held by Sony Music Records and Watanabe Entertainment Co. Ltd. to find the best female vocalists. The girls each have their own incredible singing abilities and are able to harmonise beautifully which will take your breath away without you thinking.


    The group is formed of 6 members including Serina, Asahi, Maju, MAYU, Karen and manaka. They made their major debut on October 29th, 2014 with their 1st single “Houkago High Five”. They released their second single, “Seishun Photograph / Girls be Free!”, the following year. The song was inspired by 60s-70s Western pop music and intends to elicit the listeners’ true self-confidence. Their fourth single, “Suki da.”, was used as the theme song for the TV drama “Omotesandou Koukou Gasshoubu”. The music video which was released on YouTube garnered a lot of views the moment it was released. Their performance in the video touched a lot of the people that watched it.


    Their latest single introduces a Little Glee we haven’t seen before!

    Their latest single, titled “Watashi Rashiku Ikite Mitai / Kimi no You ni Naritai”, was released this year in summer and features the helping hands of Seiji Kameda and Junji Ishiwatari. The CD jacket sees the members wearing some very colourful wigs. Additionally, “Kimi no You ni Narita” was used as the campaign song for the 2016 Disney film “The Jungle Book”. The song topped the Oricon charts as well as the J-POP album chart on iTunes. The film itself too was received very well.


    Little Glee Monster have become much more active, particularly this year, as they continue to appear at larger outdoor festivals, as well as on radio and TV broadcasts. Moreover, they will be performing at the Nippon Budokan next year on January 8th for the very first time. Their dream of standing on the stage at Nippon Budokan while they are high school students has become a reality. In conjunction with this, Little Glee have also started a project called “DREAM20” where they intend to make 20 of their dreams come true by the year 2020. Little Glee are most definitely a breath of fresh air, and it’s because of that that the word “dream” definitely doesn’t sound empty when it comes to these girls; it might even make you want to support them on their journey.


    Their long road ahead as artists

    Little Glee have a lot of positive songs that cheer listeners on – they are able to sympathise with them, and this is something they are very good at. They have been able to debut as teenagers and have developed incredible singing voices. We must all watch attentively Little Glee Monster as they dance ahead to success. Be sure you see them for yourself live in concert to experience their beautiful harmonies.


    Original Text: Noriko Ishimizu

    Little Glee Monster Official Website: