Tokyo Ghoul’s creator Sui Ishida creates new project called “JACK JEANNE”! Character visuals have been announced!

17.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME

Manga artist Sui Ishida has started his new project “JACK JEANNE”. Ishida is famous for his series “Tokyo Ghoul” which sold more than 44 million copies worldwide (digital manga download and paper copies). Now, Sui Ishida is creating a wide range of contents for the world!  


To kick off the project, Ishida has finally introduced his character visuals! Drawing fine lines, his unique character designs are created with his own personal touch. This new series portrays a world different to Tokyo Ghoul in a beautiful and graceful way.

To commemorate the start of the project, Ishida released a personal message directly;

“Hello, this is Sui Ishida. I worked on this for the past three years while writing Tokyo Ghoul. I’m still working on it. Enjoy!” 



To aid the launch of the series, there will be an ad campaign at all 11 Shibuya outdoor super board ad spaces. Please keep an eye out for more updates on Ishida’s progress!