Tokyo Ghoul’s creator Sui Ishida creates new project called “JACK JEANNE”! Character visuals have been announced!

17.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME

Manga artist Sui Ishida has started his new project “JACK JEANNE”. Ishida is famous for his series “Tokyo Ghoul” which sold more than 44 million copies worldwide (digital manga download and paper copies). Now, Sui Ishida is creating a wide range of contents for the world!  


To kick off the project, Ishida has finally introduced his character visuals! Drawing fine lines, his unique character designs are created with his own personal touch. This new series portrays a world different to Tokyo Ghoul in a beautiful and graceful way.

To commemorate the start of the project, Ishida released a personal message directly;

“Hello, this is Sui Ishida. I worked on this for the past three years while writing Tokyo Ghoul. I’m still working on it. Enjoy!” 



To aid the launch of the series, there will be an ad campaign at all 11 Shibuya outdoor super board ad spaces. Please keep an eye out for more updates on Ishida’s progress!


  • Tokyo Ghoul Creator Sui Ishida’s New Game JACK JEANNE: Cast Unveiled!

    12.September.2019 | ANIME&GAME

    Tokyo Ghoul’s creator Sui Ishida designed the characters, created the storyline, illustrations and scenarios for a brand new game to be published by the sensational Japanese media company Broccoli. The game, which has previously been announced to be called JACK JEANNE, revealed its cast at Tokyo Dome Show 2019. Check out the cast information and watch the latest trailer on the game’s official website.


     The latest trailer video reveals the main character, Tachibana, as she enters the Univale Opera School for males. The story follows her as she rises to the various challenges of four classes whilst concealing her identity as a female. Tachibana’s goal is to obtain the “Quartz” rank in each class, which will give her recognition for being the top performer in each class. Each of the cast members was personally selected by Ishida. You can catch the cast names and hear their voices by watching the latest trailer.  


    The Cast

    Sarafumi Takashina: Takayuki Kondo

    Kai Mutsumi: Jun Kasama

    Kokuto Neji: Daisuke Kishio

    Mitsuki Shirota: Gakuto Kajiwara

    Suzu Orimaki: Yuma Uchida

    Soshiro Yonaga: Gen Sato


    The game is planned to be released on Nintendo Switch in the year 2020.  Get ready for the best drama school youth story of the century!


    ©️Sui Ishida/BROCCOLI

  • Trailer Released For Tokyo Ghoul Compilation Album Compiled by Sui Ishida

    27.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    It was announced earlier this month that a compilation album containing music from across the Tokyo Ghoul anime series will be released on March 27, 2019. Titled Tokyo Ghoul AUTHENTIC SOUND CHRONICLE, the album is compiled by the manga’s author Sui Ishida.

    With intimate direction and curation by Ishida himself, the album is a collection of the series’ main themes performed by artists that Ishida personally had offers sent to. The list of edgy and conceptual tracks draws a line under the entire series and serves to bestow a deeper layer and understanding to the harsh world of Tokyo Ghoul.


    With the release of the album on the horizon, Sui Ishida has created a special Spotify playlist of the anime’s opening and ending themes as well as a selection songs he wants fans to listen to alongside the series. This playlist is different from the album. Listen to it here.

    In addition, for a limited time only, the karaoke chain DAM will be host to a karaoke playlist of the compilation album. The playlist can be seen at the link below which will go live on April 2, 2019. It includes important comments written by Sui Ishida who himself has said he often goes to karaoke. If you love the series main theme soundtrack then be sure to challenge yourself to singing those difficult notes!


    Karaoke Playlist: (Link available from April 2, 2019)


    A trailer for the album has also been released. Check it out below.