Make Your Own Daruma at GINZA SIX’s Workshop

31.March.2019 | SPOT

D-BROS, a brand featuring products made by graphic designers, is celebrating GINZA SIX’s second anniversary by holding a workshop titled “Nihon o Asobou #04 My Daruma” on April 19.

D-BROS began the “Nihon o Asobou” (Play With Japan) workshop project in 2018 as a way to get more people enjoying and in traditional Japanese culture and design. They have people making items that have been passed down the generations in Japan such as children’s toys, charms and folk crafts.

The new workshop will give people the opportunity to create their very own 11cm Takasaki Daruma. This style of daruma originates in Takasaki, Gunma which is the leading producer of daruma dolls in Japan.


If you’re in Tokyo on April 19 and are looking for a spot of Japanese tradition then stop by GINZA SIX and learn how make your own personal daruma doll.


  • Japanese Souvenirs to Take Home With You This Summer at GINZA SIX

    17.July.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    GINZA SIX hails as the largest shopping facility in Tokyo’s upmarket district Ginza. This summer, the centre has a prepared a lineup of must-buy souvenirs and gifts, particularly in the food department, that will delight the family back home. Many of these items are available at GINZA SIX only giving you even more incentive to pay a visit while in the capital.


    Listed by price range, we have selected some of these summer treats that we know you’ll absolutely want to get your hands on.。


    ¥999 and under summer gifts made for showing a little thanks

    Namacha Tea Jelly @ Nakamura Tokichi Honten – ¥417 (GINZA SIX only)

    Tokichi is serving up a special GINZA SIX-only flavour of its matcha namacha jelly with added matcha bean paste. This bean paste is specially prepared matcha wrapped in white bean paste. It has a smooth texture and slight sweetness that marry together deliciously and heighten the richness of the flavour of the matcha.

    Summer Limited Kohaku Tani Goldfish Yukata Ver. @ GINZA KYOUKASUIGETSU – ¥550 (GINZA SIX only)

    These snacks comes in summery yukata design packaging with goldfish on them. Perfect for reminding one of Japanese summer.


    ¥1,000-¥2,999 summer gifts for adults

    KOHAKU Fruit Bar @ PALETA – ¥1,482

    This traditional wagashi (Japanese confection) is made from melted agar agar, sugar and starch syrup which is hardened to create a lollipop-like treat. Each one is handmade and crated with love and care by the confection artisans at PALETA who make them transparent like refreshing Japanese ice candy.

    Basket of 5 Mio @ KASHISHOU SUEHIROAN – ¥1,759

    This set comes with 5 different seasonal flavours which makes for the ultimate taste-testing gift.


    ¥3,000-¥4,999 delicious summers gift to share

    Semi-Dried Fruits Box @ AYAfarm – ¥3,519

    The perfect sharing gift to pick up, this box contains 9 different semi-dried fruits sourced from high quality fruits in Japan. The circular shape of the box make it great as a gift, and since each fruit is packaged individually, they can be enjoyed over time.


    ¥5,000+ premium Ginza-quality summer gifts for someone special

    Parfum du Miel Series @ ハL’ABEILLE – ¥6,000 (GINZA SIX only)

    Treat yourself or someone special to this premium lineup of original honeys which include bergamot, cognac and rose flavours. A sweet and tasty accompaniment to tea or ice cream.


    This is just a small selection of the items on offer over at GINZA SIX right now this summer. To see more, be sure to plan a shopping trip there while in Tokyo.

  • Described as the “most interesting sweets shop in the world”, PAPABUBBLE sells a range of cute and fun confections. On July 1, PAPABUBBLE will open a Candy Art Museum on basement floor 2 of GINZA SIX.


    PAPABUBBLE has set up shop in over 30 cities worldwide. The main shop will contain art pieces made from candy. Considering all the candy shops that are currently out there in the world, nobody has ever seen anything quite like this before. 

    The museum contains around 20 different ornaments that are edible sweets. Visitors who wish to purchase the ornaments can do so. Besides the standard sweets, the display items and range of sweets for sale will be changed every day. 


    When the museum opens in July, visitors will be able to enjoy the wonderful texture and flavour of candy lampshades, enjoy the artistic and charming glow of candy mushrooms, and gaze in bewilderment at an antique vase baumkuchen cake. 

    To commemorate its grand opening, customers who spend more than ¥5,000 (after tax) on display items or on the sweets shop range will receive either a soft gummy brain or soft gummy dentures. This campaign will be running throughout July. 

    Along with the grand opening of the art museum, there will also be Ginza-limited products on sale that are completely unique to the Ginza branch. The lineup includes sweets made from ingredients that are rarely seen in Japan. This includes colourful and fruity chocolate such as rocky roads and soft candy sweets made from snow sugar. PAPABUBBLE will also sell souvenirs that represent Ginza such as Kirihako boxes which are beautiful boxes made from wood. 


    If you are in Tokyo, you just cannot miss this museum that is overflowing with originality.

  • GINZA SIX New Year Sale: Free Performances, Lucky-Dip Bags, Food & More

    20.December.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

    Ginza’s largest shopping complex GINZA SIX has announced a huge sale for the new year which will begin on January 2. It take place at around 100 stores where they boast the latest global trends.


    A host of free performances will also take place on January 2 and 3 at the Kanze Noh Theater on floor B3F. Look forward to a brass band jazz show and much more. Year-end fukubukuro lucky dip bags will also be sold by world class quality brands and there will be plenty of delicious gourmet food to enjoy.


    Premium Fukubukuro Lucky-Dip Bags

    ‘Fukubukuro’ are a type of lucky-dip bag sold in Japan at the end of the year. You pay a certain amount of money that is lower than the actual cost of the items in the bag and you never know what you’re going to get. For the GINZA SIX sale you can expect a whole range of premium products from fashion to lifestyle goods, beauty, food and so on. Maison de NADIA on the second floor has a Pear Diamond up for grabs at ¥2,000,000 (the original price of which is ¥4,000,000). BEAUTY TERRACE GINZA ~DRESS CIRCLE~ on floor B1F has a whole range of goodies up for grabs that could even include a trip to Hawaii. They are selling lucky bags by weight: 3kg for ¥100,000, 5kg for ¥150,000, 8kg for ¥200,000 and 15kg for ¥450,000.


    Running: January 2, 2019 until bags are sold out at each individual store

    *Running dates differ at select stores.


    2019 at GINZA SIX: Gourmet Food for the New Year

    GINZA SIX will welcome the new year with fantastic food at both their B2F food floor and restaurants throughout where they will serve everything from classic Japanese ‘osechi’ celebratory meals to food you can take home as gifts.

    Premium New Year Strawberry Afternoon Tea Set (THE GRAND GINZA): ¥6,500 (Pre-Tax)

    Auxamis’s Specially Made Osechi Meal (Bistro Auxamis): ¥29,630 (Pre-Tax)

    This afternoon tea set comes with an authentic Japanese tea experience in a tea room which is served with traditionally prepared new year food.

    Kagami Mochi (Nakagawa Masashichi): ¥4,000-¥20,000 (Pre-Tax)

    4 Drawer Noshi Makie (Yamada Heiando): ¥2,500,000 (Pre-Tax)

    Products from lifestyle brands will also be sold including ‘kagami mochi’ mirror rice cakes which are a traditional new year decoration, as well as items themed on the 2019 Year of the Pig, cutlery crafted by traditional artisans and more.


    Free Noh Performances

    Enjoy a free and authentic Noh performance at the Kanze Noh Theater on floor B3F of GINZA SIX.


    Date: January 2, 2019 – January 3, 2019

    *Two performances a day

    Morning Performance: 11:00-12:30 (Opens at 10:30)

    Afternoon Performance: 15:00-16:00 (Opens at 14:00)

    *Free to watch. Those under the age of 3 not permitted entry.

    *Entry is first-come, first-served. The reception will open one hour before each performance.

    *For enquiries, please contact GINZA SIX Information at 03-6891-3390 (10:30-20:30)



    Edo New Year’s Pine Decoration

    A large Edo-style new year’s pine decoration will sit at the entrance of GINZA SIX. It’s made from three trees and bound together with straw. Its traditional shape has been passed down since Ginza Matsuya opened in 1925, allowing you to witness a tradition that has gone unchanged since the Edo period.


    Location: GINZA SIX front entrance

    Running: December 26, 2018 – January 7, 2019



    There’s plenty of other things to look forward to at the GINZA SIX sale too, from pop-up shops to events and more. If you’re in Japan for the new year then why not check out GINZA SIX?

  • GINZA SIX’s 4 Main Valentine’s Day Treats for 2019

    21.November.2018 | FOOD

    Tokyo’s luxurious Ginza district is home to countless famous chocolateirs. Four Valentine’s Day gifts have been predicted to be the trend at GINZA SIX next year, the biggest shopping complex in the Ginza area.


    The complex will boast a range of premium chocolates available only at GINZA SIX as well as plenty of top quality Valentine’s gifts produced by top creators from both in and out of Japan. Pop-up shops will also line the establishment. This includes a chocolate brand run by young chocolatiers that has won many awards in Paris and is coming to Japan for the first time, food shops where you can enjoy Japan’s food culture, workshops run by jewellery brands and more.


    Sweet-looking chocolate made using “Ruby Chocolate”

    Ruby chocolate is a variety of chocolate that was in development for over 10 years and introduced in 2017. It is to be considered as the fourth category of chocolate alongside, dark, milk and white. GINZA SIX will showcase an assortment of products made using ruby chocolate.

    Ruby no Tamago (THE GRAND GINZA): ¥1,200 (Available at GINZA SIX only)

    Ruby chocolate comes from the ruby cocoa bean and has a fruity flavour. The refreshing Ruby no Tamago is filled with light fromage blanc and sour cranberries and raspberries.


    Elegant eat-in “Galentine” chocolate

    The Galentine offers a new way to enjoy Valentine’s. A portmanteau of “girl” and “valentine,” it’s a tea set packed full of Valentine’s season-only specially made sweets and is aimed at girls who want to have a girl’s-only get-together.

    Stawberry & Chocolate Afternoon Tea Set (THE GRAND GINZA): ¥3,800 (Available at GINZA SIX only)

    A specially-crafted tea set made by chefs and patissiers, it emphasises sweet and juicy strawberries and chocolate including sweets, foie gras, a strawberry, avocado and seafood cocktail and more.


    “Wasozai” chocolate

    GINZA SIX is home to numerous famous shops and restaurants from all across Japan, so there will be no shortage of a variety of different chocolates made by patissiers who are masters at using Japanese ingredients (wasozai). It is also recognised for this by those from overseas, solidifying GINZA SIX as a promoter of Japanese culture from Ginza to the world.

    Tsujiri Collection (Tsujiri): Set of 6 – ¥1,770 / Set of 12 – ¥3,540

    The tea experts over in Tsujiri have carefully selected the best Uji matcha to fuse with chocolate. Each bite-sized piece brings out the full flavour of matcha, Tsujiri’s forte. There are six flavours to enjoy: rich tea, yuzu citrus, praline and sesame seeds, Japanese sansho pepper, sakura strawberry, and the new brown cane sugar.


    “Health-conscious” chocolate

    In a time where more and more people are becoming conscious of eating healthy, GINZA SIX will also sell a variety of Valentine’s chocolates made using ingredients that are good for the body such as kurozu black vinegar, soy milk, yuzu citrus and more. When you offer these chocolates to that special someone, you are saying you both care for them in a loving way and also for their well-being.

    Kurozu Raw Chocolate (Shoubunsu Vinegar Brewery): ¥1,500

    These chocolates are a combination of white and dark chocolate, which are made with soy milk, and kurozu vinegar. They taste like cheesecake.

    Valentine Chocolate (Patisserie Pavlov): ¥602


    There are plenty of other high quality chocolates by brands to enjoy too, so if you’re in Japan around the Valentine’s season make sure to take a trip to GINZA SIX!

  • French Artist Nicolas Buffe’s Art to Appear at GINZA SIX Christmas Event

    30.October.2018 | SPOT

    Christmastime is coming to Ginza’s biggest shopping complex GINZA SIX this year with an event that translates to GINZA SIX CHRISTMAS 2018 “Fantastic Gift”: The Tale of the Kingdom of Winter and the Kingdom of Summer. It will run from November 12 to December 25.

    Photo by Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzman + Rocio Romero)

    Christmas art by French artist Nicolas Buffe will be used for the event, with a huge piece being displayed in GINZA SIX’s symbolic open space that runs down the center of the building as well as at the front entrance facing Ginza Chuo-dori Street, the show window on floor B2F and elsewhere. There will also be an immersive piece that makes use of the latest cutting-edge AR technology.

    A “tale” is always at the core of Buffe’s work, the charming visuals of which pull both kids and adults alike into their unique worlds.


    The theme of this year’s tale is “gift.” The Kingdom of Summer and the Kingdom of Winter are both at their wits’ end trying to solve problems caused by both of their children. To resolve the quandary the two countries, they both send gifts to each child. To open up the cold heart of the princess of the Kingdom of Winter, she is sent the Kingdom of Summer’s elephant of light. To calm the hot-tempered prince of the Kingdom of Summer, he is sent some refreshing ice cream. Both countries are met with peace as a result.

    The radiating elephant that appears in the story will also appear in the middle of GINZA SIX as a huge 4 meter plus art piece. Drones will be used to create a flying scene.

    At various locations including the front entrance an app can be downloaded and used which when put up to different art pieces will make use of AR tech.

    A range of items made in collaboration with Buffe will also be sold including tote bags featuring characters from the tale, four different ice candies based on the countries and more. There will be plenty of things perfect to pick as a present for someone.


    ・Ginza Tsutaya Books (Floor 6F): From December 1, 2018 – TBA

    ・SIXIÈME GINZA (Floor 2F): From November 28, 2018 – February 28, 2019

    ・PALETAS (Floor B2F): From November 12, 2018 – February 24, 2019



    Spend a fantastical Christmas at GINZA SIX where the season for giving will be played out in the form of Nicolas Buffe’s newest creation.

  • GINZA SIX: Must-Try Christmas Sweets & Winter Goodies This Year

    16.October.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

    GINZA SIX, the biggest shopping complex in the Ginza Area, is getting ready for Christmas with a range of special seasonal foods and desserts. The line-up retains the sophistication GINZA SIX is known for as it prepares for the final Christmas of the Heisei Era of Japan.


    Let’s take a look at the gourmet selection on offer by splitting them into five separate themes.


    Christmas Cakes: From Regulars to One of a Kinds – Gems That Glow the Skills of Patissiers

    Monde argenté (ISHIYA GINZA): ¥4,000

    Noel Framboisier (Ginza Sembikiya): ¥5,000


    Classic Sweets: Promoting New Trends for the Last Heisei Period Christmas

    Stollen Pistachio (PALETAS): ¥2,593

    Sweet Potato Almond Noel Box (Minamikaze Noukasha Dessert House): ¥1,852


    Limited Edition Christmas Sweets Gifts: Classics in Glamorous Christmas Packaging

    Stardust Cookies (JOTARO SAITO): From ¥540

    Limited Edition Christmas Wheat Gluten Cookie Gift (Fu Fu Fu and): ¥3,000


    Party Food & Sake: A High Grade Selection to Decorate the Table

    Limited Edition Christmas Charcuterie & Salad (meat&green shunjyukusei): ¥2,560

    Okawa Sparkling Vinegar (Shoubunsu Vinegar Brewery): ¥2,000


    Cafes & Restaurants’ Christmas Menus: Bringing a Moment of Bliss on the Holy Night


    Fantastic Christmas Course (Bistro Ozami): ¥8,000 / ¥12,000

    Christmas Afternoon Tea Set (THE GRAND GINZA): ¥3,800


    A range of pop up shops will also appear for a limited time. This includes pop up shops for fashion brands making their way to Japan for the first time as well as fashion x art collaborative brands, brands that will hold events where you can experience craftsmanship and more.


    Additionally, Ginza Sembikiya on floor B1F, which opened the first fruit parlour in Japan in 1894, will open a cafe for a limited period serving a range of fruit products that are good for health and beauty. Open from November 3, 2018 to January 31, 2019.

    <GINZA SIX Limited Edition> Ginza Sembikiya Parfaits: ¥1,500 Each (Pre-Tax)


    These parfaits are made with an abundance of fruit that  has been carefully selected by Ginza Sembikiya. The fruits are cut into large slices so you can enjoy their full original flavour. The parfaits are also made with a rich homemade fruit sauce. Choose from three parfait flavours: Muskmelon, Strawberry or Fruits Mille-Feuille.


    Bulgari will also open a pop up store called Bvlgari Pop (Up) Corn in the second floor SIXIÈME GINZA. The store is a reinterpretation of a 1960s movie set where they will sell a range of items including a limited edition model bag. Open from December 12, 2018 to January 15, 2019.

    <GINZA SIX Limited Edition> Product Name: Serpenti Forever / Price: ¥295,000 (w/tax ¥318,600)


    There’s plenty of other exciting Christmas and seasonal winter food and content to look forward to at GINZA SIX as well, so be sure to check their official website for more details.

  • Tsujiri’s New Uji Matcha Anmitsu Jelly Arriving at GINZA SIX

    27.April.2018 | FOOD

    The Ginza branch of Tsujiri, a long-standing store hailing from Uji in Kyoto, have announced a new product. Starting from May 1, their new Uji Matcha Anmitsu Jelly will arrive at GINZA SIX, packed with flavour and perfect as a present for summer.


    辻利 宇治抹茶のあんみつゼリー GINZA SIX

    The product contains lots of different ingredients all full of flavour, including matcha yokan jelly, houjicha jelly, citrus anko, apricot and rice flour dumpling. The yokan jelly is made with matcha and white bean; the houjicha jelly delicately draws out the flavour of the tea; the yuzu citrus in the anko gives a fresh fragrance; and the apricot and dumpling offers a fresh and juicy texture. Sprinkle on your desired amount of matcha sugar before eating to add the taste and scent of matcha to your palette.


    辻利 宇治抹茶のあんみつゼリー GINZA SIX

    This jelly filled plate offers a variety of flavours and something new wherever you choose to scoop from. With its refreshing taste and appearance, it can even be bought as a gift for the summertime.



    Uji Matcha Anmitsu Jelly

    Price: ¥454 (Tax Included)

    On Sale: May 1, 2018

    *Takeout product.


    Tsujiri Ginza

    Address: GINZA SIX B2, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

    Opening Hours: 10:30-20:30

    TEL: 03-6263-9988


  • “Miffy Fukudaruma” is now on sale! Let’s buy it as a “test passing” or “winning-an-election” celebration gift

    04.March.2018 | FASHION

    The telegram service “Hotto Denpo” has started selling “Miffy Fukudaruma (traditional doll which brings luck) Kohaku (red and white) Set” which is a suitable gift to be given as a celebration gift. Celebrations include such occasions as test passing, winning an election and marriage.



    Miffy has become a “daruma” which brings luck. The palm-sized stuffed darumas made of a crepe material is very soft and is suitable to be used as a decoration inside your room. The product will be shipped inside a cute box.




    Why not express your feeling of thankfulness to your family or friends by giving them this product which is also suitable to be given as a formal gift.





    Miffy Fukudaruma Kohaku Set

    Price: 3,996 yen (tax included) ※shipping/lettering fees are not included

    TEL: 0120-998-789 (free-dial, no fixed holiday: 8:00 to 22:00)


  • “FRANK MULLER / Kuromame no Pound Cake,” a Haneda Airport- limited sweets is now on sale at GINZA SIX

    04.March.2018 | FOOD

    “Kuromame (black bean) no Pound Cake” sold at a shop in Haneda Airport produced by FRANK MULLER called “FRANCK MULLER 365 Port of VANGUARD” is now on sale at GINZA SIX “FRANK MULLER GENEVE”(limited time offer).





    “Kuromame no Pound Cake” is a sweets item using fermented butter, fresh Benibanaran (a variety of egg) and black beans made of famous Tanba seeds. The item has a gentle flavor of strictly selected salt and slightly sweet black beans.

    It can be said that it is a high-quality pound cake which has the rich aroma and delicate sweetness of black beans.


    The elegant-looking, matte-black box’s package design will be changed into a spring-like fabulous design.


    Why not try FRANK MULLER’s special pound cake!





    Kuromame no Pound Cake

    4,500 yen (tax not included)



    Address: GINZA SIX 2F, 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

    Business hours: 10:30 to 20:30



  • “GINZA SIX’s” first anniversary! New art works exhibited, limited products released

    17.February.2018 | SPOT

    To commemorate GINZA SIX’s first anniversary, the biggest commercial facility in the Ginza area will hold promotion events from the 2nd of April 2018 (Mon.) to 6th of May (Sun.).


    【新吹き抜け空間アート】クレジットが必要→※イメージ≪ Like a flock of starlings work in situ ≫ Daniel Buren 2018 - ADAGP, Paris & JASPAR, Tokyo, 2018 G1226

    Daniel Buren who works on a world scale will design the new installation in the opening ceiling space located in the center of GINZA SIX. Also, Menuki Street and Chuo Street in Ginza (1,100 meters long) will be filled with his art works!

    Moreover, first year anniversary commemoration-limited products and collaborative brands created with artists from both in Japan and abroad will be sold at the shop. Many special events and exhibitions will be held too.

    They will collaborate with Kanze Nogakudo and hold many kinds of limited programs such as “Takigino Special Performance” and “No (traditional masked dance drama) Experience Class for Parent-Child.”



    <First year anniversary limited product>


    Campanola Mechanical Collection GSIX limited set – 1,250,000 yen


    No-mask made with candy (the product comes in a wooden box) – 4,630 yen



    <Examples of limited-time-offer pop up stores>

    Qonfection (B2F) / date: 04/03 (Tue.) to 04/29 (Sun.)

    It is a premium dessert brand which was opened in Nishiazabu under the concept of “TOKYO Good Snacking.” Your eating habits will change by eating their delicious and stylish gluten-free menu items.

    【中央通りフラッグアート】クレジットが必要→※イメージ- ADAGP, Paris & JASPAR, Tokyo, 2018 G1226
    Let’s check out GINZA SIX’s first year anniversary limited offer events and special products.



    <Art exhibitions>

    Venue: 2F of the opening ceiling space located in the center of GINZA SIX

    Date: 04/02 (Mon.) to 10/31 (Wed.)

    Chuo Street Flag Art Jack

    Venue: Chuo Street

    Date: 04/02 (Mon.) to 05/06 (Sun.)

    ※The exhibition period of Kusama Yayoi’s opening installation which is exhibited in the opening ceiling space will be extend to 3/21 (Wed/holiday)

    <Year ONE commemorative event>

    GINZA SIX Maki No Special Performance

    Venue: GINZA SIX Garden (roof top)

    Date: 05/04 (Friday/holiday) 18:00 open *for invited people only

    05/05 (Satudary/holiday) 18:00 open

    Content of the performance: Kyogen (traditional short comedic drama)  Kakiyamabushi, No Tsuchi Gumo



    “GINZA SIX Oyako (parent-child) No Taiken Kyoshitsu (experiencing class)”

    Venue: Kanze Nogakudo

    Date: 05/04 (Friday/holiday), 05 (Saturday,holiday)

    Lecturer: Yaemon Yamashita (05/04), Nobuyuki Kanze (05/05)

    ※The participation method of each event will be informed via GINZA SIX’s official website.

    <Coordinated event with the shop: shop’s art event, art display>

    OKANO (4F)

    “Komatsu Miu” GINZA SIX 1 Shunen Kito Live Event”

    Venue: GINZA SIX Garden (plan)

    Date: mid-April (plan)

    ※Please check RE: detailed information


    Address: 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuoku, Tokyo

    Business hours: 10:30 to 20:30



  • New Springtime Products & Menus Launching at GINZA SIX!

    07.February.2018 | FASHION / FOOD

    Ginza’s largest shopping complex GINZA SIX will serve up a concoction of special menus containing an assortment of food and sweets created with springtime in mind by top-notch makers.


    A long list of fun and exciting seasonal items will also be introduced one after the other, including lifestyle goods, must-have gifts for parties welcoming the spring, a range of beauty products arranged in limited edition spring colours, and more. Let’s take a look!


    <Select Products>

    【パティスリー パブロフ】クグ------

    “Patisserie Pavlov” (B2F)

    Cherry Blossom & Matcha Gugelhupf (¥1,667) – Available March 1st – April 30th
    Sink your teeth into these two different gugelhupfs. The cherry blossom flavour contains cherries and the cake is cooked with honey pickled cherry blossoms before being topped with freeze dried cherry blossoms. The matcha cake is combined with high quality Uji matcha and yude azuki red bean paste from Tokachi and is topped with super rare white azuki beans. This set of two flavours calls the springtime.


    【72 Degrees Juicery + Caf- by David Myers】桜の抹茶の彩りパフェ
    “72 Degrees Juicery + Café by David Myers” (5F)
    Cherry Blossom & Matcha Parfait (¥1,480) – Available March 15th – April 10th
    This is a GINZA SIX limited edition cherry blossom product, made with cherry blossom and matcha ice cream and topped with pearls to create a satisfying texture. Only 20 are served per day, so you’d better arrive early if you’re looking to try it.


    “D-BROS” (4F)
    Flower Vases (¥1,000-¥1,800)
    Just simply pouring water into these vinyl flower vases from D-BROS changes it into something beautiful. There’s a mix of over 80 designs and sizes for you to choose from. Perfect for starting fresh this spring or as gift to someone for the new season.


    “MARK & LONA” (4F)
    Available: February 28th – March 27th
    This golf-inspired clothing line combines different subcultures and genres such as preppy, punk and marine. An unmatched and never before seen variety of sportswear.


    This is just a glimpse into the new items and menus coming to GINZA SIX. Make your way over there to feel the arrival of spring.


    Address: 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    Opening Hours: 10:30-20:30
    TEL: 03-3569-0660


  • A collaborative daruma of “Shirakawa Daruma” × “BEMAS JAPAN” will be sold

    04.February.2018 | FASHION

    An established daruma (Japanese traditional doll which brings good luck) specialized store which has been running its business since the Edo Period called, “Shirakawa Daruma Sohonpo” and Fukushima Prefecture will sell their collaborative products (the second stage of the project called “Fukushima Mono Map which introduces Fukushima’s “things, events and people”) at BEAMS JAPAN (Shinjuku, Tokyo) which introduces many kinds of Japan’s cultural items.



    This project was started because the buyers of BEAMS JAPAN read Fukushima’s information magazine “Fukushima Map” and visited Fukushima to understand the current situation of Fukushima.



    The products will be sold at BEAMS JAPAN’s stores and their official online shop. They are also planning to distribute “Fukushima Map” (Japanese/English) inside the stores.


    Why not get your very own Japan-limited daruma.



    Released date: 2018,02,01 (Thurs)~



    Address: 3-32-6, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

    Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00

    Fixed holidays: not decided



    Official online shop: