Masaki Suda’s New Song ‘Machigai Sagashi’ Written & Produced by Kenshi Yonezu

28.March.2019 | MUSIC

It has been revealed that Kenshi Yonezu wrote the lyrics for, arranged and produced Masaki Suda’s new song Machigai Sagashi.


Suda featured on Yonezu’s song Haiiro to Ao back in 2017, the music video for which recently hit 100 million views on YouTube. Details surrounding the release date of the new song have yet to be announced.

Speaking about the new collaboration, Masaki Suda says: “I was sat in a room that had 4.5 tatami mats and thought to myself, ‘I might have been born into the wrong picture, one where I’m searching for mistakes. But it’s precisely because of that that I have met the people I have.’ When Kenshi heard about the intentions behind this song, I felt he was able to give those uneasy feelings I that I live with―feelings that only I could understand―a name […] Each person has their own individual circumstances, and that’s why I believe it’s necessary for those people to have difficulties that only they understand. Those feelings are one in their own. They come in different forms, but they are something everybody has. Having a target group like that enables me to affirm my own existence. I sang this song with value using that warmth as my pivot. We are a collective without help and without prayer. I am happy to have met Machigai Sagashi.”

Kenshi Yonezu also comments: “Ever since Haiiro to Ao, every time [me and Suda] met we would always say we wanted to do something together. This is the song we completed. Whenever I hear his songs, I am shaken by his powerful voice every time. I want it to be heard by lots of people already. They are sure to think about it the same as I do.”