Starbucks Japan Celebrates Ehime Prefecture By Releasing Local-Style Mug

01.April.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

The “JIMOTO made series” is a series of products that manufacturers products using local materials and industries across various regions of Japan to incorporate local cultures.


For their 10th product in the line, the company has created a new mug that will go on sale at eight Starbucks branches in the Chuyo area of Ehime Prefecture including Matsuyama, Toon and Masaki from April 5.

These original mugs are all made entirely by hand using traditional Tobe ware techniques.

They are made in the image of a grindstone used for mining the materials needed to create Tobe ware. They have distinct plump shape and are thick in size with a gosu porcelain pattern on them.  They are the perfect mug to sip from when with your special someone or with family. They also make for a great local gift from Japan.