Niki and Ami Komuro from Terrace House appear at Tiffany @ Cat Street event!

23.April.2019 | SPOT

Niki, who was nominated for global top 100 most beautiful faces for two years in a row, and Ami Komuro, who is famous for featuring in a commercial alongside Laura, attended an event at Tiffany. The event was filmed on 18th April in two shots. The two beautiful girls, who became popular after featuring on Netflix’s show Terrace House, appeared together at the event.


Tiffany & Co. founded Japan’s first ever concept store Tiffany @ Cat Street. The store opened in Harajuku on 19th April on Cat Street and is planned to remain open for three years.

Niki and Ami Komuro, who rose to fame after their appearance on Terrace House, were invited to the reception of this shop to commemorate its first day.


Niki is a regular model featuring in numerous fashion magazines such as JELLY, with, JJ, steady, and much more. 2018 was the second year in a row that she had been nominated for the global top 100 most beautiful faces.


Ami Komuro is active in a variety of creative fields. She is a fashion model and has started working as an actress. She has starred in many series such as Tales of the Unusual and Cheers to Miki Clinic.