Mickey wants to take a break on your shoulder! ♡ Limited edition Kata no chokkorisan plush toy!

24.April.2019 | FASHION

To commemorate the two-year anniversary since the release of Takara Tomy Chokkorisan Plush toys, a new Disney character Chokkorisan plush toy will be released for sale on Takara Tomy’s online shop “E gumi”. The new Disney character plush toy is Mickey! The new Mickey plush toy has a magnet inside, allowing him to ride on your shoulder! There is only a limited number of this plush toy available and the reservation period is also only open for a limited time starting from 12:00 on Friday 26th April.

The Kata no Chokkorisan Mickey comes with a yellow cushion. Mickey will quickly collapse onto the cushion in the perfect position when you place it near his bum as the cushion has a strong magnet hidden inside! As the magnet is strong, Mickey won’t be falling off. Because of the design of the cushion and Mickey’s small size, Mickey can easily ride on your shoulder!

Just slip the magnetic cushion under your clothes on your shoulder and place Mickey on top for Mickey to enjoy a fun ride! There’s a ribbon attached to the cushion so Mickey can hold on tight. Rest assured that he won’t fall off!

 The ribbon can be moved around so Mickey can enjoy a rest on either of your shoulders! Another special feature Kata no Chokkorisan’s Mickey plush toy is that Mickey can also move his head! He can face different directions so you can take the perfect photo and become really good friends!


Go out with your new friend Mickey and take loads of new photos to remember your good memories as best buddies!