Anime Bonobono collaborates with Sweets Paradise! The collaboration cafe menu is finally unveiled!

08.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

Anime Bonobono is collaborating with the all-you-can-eat dessert buffet Sweets Paradise for a second time now! The collaboration menu for “Bonobono Cafe in SWEETS PARADISE 2019” will finally be unveiled to you right now! The menu is full of cute and delicious dishes that portray the world of Bonobono through Sweets Paradise’s bragworthy foods and drinks. ♪

Bonobono and Shimarisu-kun sleepy omelette rice  (served with fruit sauce) 

The egg is so fluffy that Bonobono and chipmunk friend Shimarisu fell asleep! It’s just so soft…zzz…zzz…

Troublesome Bonobono’s Pineapple Hamburger 

Bonobono! Did you wedge this pineapple here? Only you would do something like that…

Bonobono fried banana boat!

Everyone climb aboard! We’re heading to that island over there! Oof!

Bonobono fruit soda  ※ One of four random designs

“Dad! Look at how much fruit there is! Dad loves lots of fruit…but why…?”




Bonobono random hot drink ※ One of four random designs

Relieved, laid back, just chilling ー which design will you get?

Order from the collaboration menu and you will get one original tin badge as a gift! You will get a badge every time you order from the collaboration menu!

※ There are a total of 10 different badge designs and you will be given one at random.


…and don’t forget to check out the original merchandise!

Plate  ¥700 + tax


Please visit the Bonobono Cafe 2019!